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how do i stop ds saying his hungry

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candyfluff Tue 30-Dec-08 12:04:00

24/7 its driving me nuts
i know hes not hungry because he says it even after meals and also when i do give in and give him something he doesnt eat it.
any suggestions?
will check in later am going out soon to feed the ducks with dc's.

Paperchase Tue 30-Dec-08 12:07:39

Ask him why he keeps saying it, if you really think he isn't hungry?

I don't know how old he is, but lots of children prefer 6 small meals to 3 big ones, so you could just offer him something every couple of hours. Also, some children find it hard to differentiate between hunger and thirst, so perhaps he's thirsty?

Othersideofthechannel Tue 30-Dec-08 12:15:50

Yes, probably thirsty or bored.

CountTo10 Tue 30-Dec-08 12:32:04

How old is he? We've been having this with our ds1 who's just over 4 and I totally know where you're coming from. I do wonder if he's got worms sometimes!!

What we've done is when he says it and asks for food and it's not an official meal or snack time, we offer him fruit or veg only and then we soon find out whether he's hungry or not!!
Ususally he's just trying it on for a treat or because he's bored so if he won't eat the fruit I say then nothing until snack/meal time now lets go and get that game out and have a play etc and that does usually distract him. What I would say is it does get better as we have noticed an improvement.

mynewnickname Thu 01-Jan-09 19:43:07

Ds is 3.5 and has been going on and on saying he's hungry when I absolutely know he's not (and sometimes when he is!)

It's some sort of habit he's got into. It has almost stopped now. If I was absolutely sure he wasn't hungry I'd say something like 'but ds you've just eaten lots of lunch' and then leave it at that or else just ignore him.

goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh Thu 01-Jan-09 19:46:02

no suggestions sorry, I have the opposite from you, a DS who would eat ALL day given teh chance (and drinks like a fish).

Hopefully someone else will be able to help better.

FrannyandZooey Thu 01-Jan-09 19:48:29

give him free access to a snack drawer / fruit bowl
filled with healthy but dullish snacks
if he says he is hungry say "get something from you drawer then"
ignore otherwise
and he probably is wanting attention so the above will stop him asking for snacks all the time but you may want to try giving him concerted bursts of attention to deal with him feeling bored or lonely

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