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are you letting your kids scoff to their hearts content today?

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pleaserewind Sun 27-Mar-05 13:16:16

mine have recieved 8 easter eggs each and they seem to be making them completely!

sallystrawberry Sun 27-Mar-05 13:25:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tillykins Sun 27-Mar-05 13:27:59

Not all from their dad I hope, pleaserewind

pleaserewind Sun 27-Mar-05 13:35:01

No, they have lots of aunties!
they got a toy each from us.

paolosgirl Sun 27-Mar-05 13:45:22

Yes, what the heck...and if they don't eat it, then I will, so they'd better be quick

Putting my responsible mummy hat on for a mo, I do make sure that they know why we celebrate Easter, though...

Caligula Sun 27-Mar-05 13:59:36

No. They haven't realised it's a chocolate fest. They've been allowed to finish off an easter egg after breakfast which they started yesterday, then they had an easter bunny and a small cream egg (between them after lunch and I'll probably let them have half an easter egg between them after dinner.

Then we've got about six weeks worth of chocolate to go - whether they get a look in on most or all of it not entirely certain!

NomDePlume Sun 27-Mar-05 14:02:15

Nope. Ours have a bit of choccy egg (say half of the egg for DSs, 1/4 for little DD) after their meals. If there was no rationing or control they'd make themselves sick and us miserable. The kids don't seem remotely bothered by the arrangement

kaansmum Sun 27-Mar-05 14:14:24

I was tempted to throw caution to the wind and let my son have as much as he wanted but this morning he started on one of those hollow chocolate Easter bunnies and brought it back to me after eating only its ears and said "Mummy I don't want any more can you wrap it up again please". Looks like I won't have to worry after all..

If it's anything like previous Easters we'll be eating the wretched things until Christmas when it starts all over again with the selection boxes which we east until Easter! A constant chocolate cycle! Luckily he has a mother who is more than willing to help him out with it all

lou33 Sun 27-Mar-05 14:42:45

Yes i am.

colditzmum Sun 27-Mar-05 14:58:50

I hould be ashameed of myself. I had completely forgotten it was easter, and did not buy my ds one egg. He didn't notice, he is only 2, my dad came round with 3 easter eggs and made me feel like a sh!t parent for not providing my son with suger and hydrogenated fat.

I have rationed the chocolate because I am selfish, and I'm not prepared to put up with hyperactive behavior today. He got one piece the size of his hand.

blossom2 Sun 27-Mar-05 15:02:12

when DD got her egg this morning, she was more interested in the mug that went with it (disney princesses) and only ate a big of the chocolate ...

but i'm going to let her have as much chocolate as she wants today, then she can go cold turkey for the next week

anchovies Sun 27-Mar-05 15:24:14

Well I have done the decent thing and spent the last hour demolishing DSs only egg and 2 chocolate bars whilst DS was napping and we were watching a dvd. He is only 13 months so think it was justified! Feel v v sick now though!

Caligula Sun 27-Mar-05 16:01:40

God Colditzmum, why on earth do you feel guilty? It didn't even occur to me to buy my kids easter eggs; they've already got 2 each from my aunt and my sister, and they're about to recieve 2 more, from my mother and brother. Tomorrow, a family friend will present them with one each. I hardly think they're deprived! And tbh, I wouldn't think they were deprived if they only got one egg each. Why on earth should I worship Cadbury's in order to be considered a caring mother? Don't feel guilty, eat some of theirs!

jampots Sun 27-Mar-05 16:05:05

I bought dd a thorntons continental egg and ds a simpsons one. Both have demolished theirs and are perfectly happy

My sis turned up with an egg hunt bucket for ds and a Guylian one for dd and joked it was their lunch - luckily they're still intact

expatinscotland Sun 27-Mar-05 16:13:56

Nope. She's still pretty young (21 months) so did an Easter basket with NO sweeties in it - she got cuddlies, toys and two vids in it.

About to go bake a banana chocolate cake, however, for pudding tonight.

trefusis Sun 27-Mar-05 16:17:25

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Sun 27-Mar-05 17:22:21

DD ended up with 4 large eggs, which I have taken out of the boxes and put away ina cupboard, to give her bits of chocolate here and there fore the next couple of weeks. Might not last that long as I am already tempted by it I did manage to persuade my parents to get her books instead; PILs didn't quite manage it - got her a lovely outfit PLUS an egg. Oh well!

We are meanies. Didn't get DD anything for Easter at all. It's her 3rd birthday in a week or so, and we have spent a small fortune on her present and party as it is. Didn't think she'd notice - she hasn't!

LGJ Sun 27-Mar-05 17:26:03

We arranged an Easter Egg hunt in the garden for DS.

First we went to Mass and then to the farmers market, no goats cheese . Whilst DH was strapping DS into his seat, I ran around the garden, placing eggs.

It worked really well, because at the FM they had an Easter Bunny going around with creme eggs for the kids.

I said to the EB, he was a very good boy at Mass this morning, have you been to his backgarden ??

The EB played a blinder and nodded and waved in all the right places, DS couldn't wait to get out of the market and home.

Halfway through the egg hunt, he turned to us and said, how lucky am I. Cue misty eyes from Mummy.

He scoffed about 3 kinder eggs/creme eggs and then asked for some crab meat (fresh from the market) on toast. Thats my boy, savoury every time.

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