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help!! regretting giving up dummy!

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mad4mybaby Sun 28-Dec-08 08:31:21

ds1 (2.5) has given up dummy 2 weeks ago. have ds2(5 weeks) and ds1 decided dummys were for babys so i encouraged getting rid with sticker chart and a special present. anyway bedtimes are to him as normal and when i go he screams for me for ages. i keep going in and reassuring him etc but taking ages for him to sleep. dont know what to do. have tried bribing him and also giving a cuddly toy for bed. how did you get through this?? he hasnt been asking for the dummy though!!

sandcastles Sun 28-Dec-08 08:39:14

He needs to learn a new way of settling himself to sleep. The routine you have is what you had before, I take it? But normally he would have the dummy?

Maybe he needs a new teddy to associate with sleep time. I started to just lie next to dd for a couple of nights, then sit on the floor holding her hand, then moved my hand further away etc, gradual withdrawel. Until she fell asleep on her own.

Took a while, but she soon started to settle herself.

Good Luck, I know it isn't easy.

mad4mybaby Sun 28-Dec-08 08:48:22

yeah bedtime exactly what it was without the dummy. im shocked he hasnt asked for it at he was obsessed with it! At least thats something. i guess asking me to stay with him is reasurrance.. good idea of withdrawal of yourself! Last night i was at my tether! Was soooo tempted to go and buy a dummy and give it back! I know that wouldve been bad and glad i didnt. Just makes it so stressful when life with a newborn is already!

he has 2 cuddly dogs in his bed which hes had for at least a year which he likes but he isnt into cuddly toys.. never has been..dont know what to try, i even tried spraying my perfume one!

sandcastles Sun 28-Dec-08 10:36:44

Well, it is hard so no wonder you are at the end of your tether!

DO NOT give in, no matter how easy it would be. You will get there...he will too!

How about getting him to choose a little toy of some kind, to replace the dummy?

I felt like giving in too, but hang in there! It does get better, I promise.

newmumof2 Sun 28-Dec-08 20:12:26

mad4mybaby sorry no advise but i have ds1 who is 2.6 months, still takes his version of dummy - avent teat to bed but good ideas here esp on sticker chart so thanks!

i also have a 5 week old ds2! i'm in north london where are you?

mad4mybaby Sun 28-Dec-08 21:22:36

in sussex. Avent teat! Thats quite amusing! Tonight he went to bed ok actually!I bribed him, told him id get him a cuddly thomas the tank if he goes to bed with out screaming/crying and he did! Well.. wait for tomorrow night..

Lotster Mon 29-Dec-08 00:23:29

You could try an auto-fade light as part of a new routine? You can set the brightness then set it to fade out over 15 mins. That way you can read him a story, then leave him looking at a book for a bit and get used to you being gone, before settling down. My 2.4 year old still has his dummy but started demanding a light or else not letting me go. I think it was a fab investment.


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