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What do you tell your kids about Santa & who the presents came from?

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shinyshilling Sun 21-Dec-08 21:21:43

What do you tell your kids about Santa & who the presents came from?

We want our little girl to beleive in the excitement of Christmas. We're both drama teachers so are happy to go along with the role play and sense of suspended disbelief and don't see it as misleading...It never harmed us, but we're both debating what we tell her about various aspects of Christmas.
Don't really know why we're worrying as we're also expecting our second child who is ten days late in arriving and may well turn up on Christmasd day...then who brought it? Santa or us?

Do you tell the kids that Santa's in shops etc are Santa's helpers? Who do you say the presents are from? We want her to be polite and thank the people who gave her them also. I'm sure I remember my parents saying that they were Santa's helpers and that family etc, chose presents to send to Santa who then delivered them?

Anyone got any other angles on it all?

compo Sun 21-Dec-08 21:23:13

FC just brings stocking pressies in our house
Any awkward questions are met with 'it's all magic' or 'what do you think'

no way would I say pressies from other people were from FC

singyswife Sun 21-Dec-08 21:24:58

Santa only brings presents to our house (i.e doesnt leave gifts at grans etc) so that they kids can then thank the correct person for the gift. (That way we are the only ones who get the real excitement too lol) Santa's in shops are santas helpers as 'the main man' is far too busy with getting ready for his big day.

I personally dont think that santa would bring babies so that has to come from you. Congratulations on your christmas present btw. Hope you have alovely christmas.

LisaLessLumpy Sun 21-Dec-08 21:40:29

The only presents from Santa are the ones that we buy, that way they can thank everyone else themselves. As regards all the other Santas then yes they are just helping Santa out as he is far too busy to visit all the shops himself

TrinityRhino Sun 21-Dec-08 21:44:01

santa only delivers in our house
he may get a small present with his name on it if he is lucky
tbh I dont want a fat man in a red dressing gown getting all the credit grin

ThomcatIsForLifeNotJustForXmas Sun 21-Dec-08 21:44:29

The presents in the stockings are from Santa. They go to bed on Xmas Eve, stockings empty, they have a feel before they go and leave Santa his mince pie, glass of red wine and food for reindeer, wake up food gone, crumbs left with a thank you note and stockings full.

The Santa's in stores etc are Santa's helpers.

All other pressies from me, relatives etc.

mazzystartled Sun 21-Dec-08 21:47:52

santa doesn't bring babies
that's too weird
plus may lead to santa resentment complex if sibling rivalry kicks in big style

in our house santa brings stockings [which are just full of cheap fun stuff]. we are debating whether santa may have up his ante this year and also bring an anakin skywalker lightsabre, but usually the big good stuff comes from us and granny. santa delivering stuff other people have chosen sounds very complicated and in our house would lead to in-depth questioning about the logistics of the process

dizzyjingles Sun 21-Dec-08 21:49:35

presents brought from FC are stocking and a few other presnts

ones under the tree are from friends and family - nothing from us apart from new pyjamas/dressing gowns on Christmas Eve

if they ask we pay for Panto/party etc etc

piscesmoon Sun 21-Dec-08 21:56:37

Santa brings stockings and one present. It seems very weird to me that he should be the delivery person for all the family! It also makes thank you letters difficult.

Seona1973 Sun 21-Dec-08 22:12:38

santa provides the stocking and the presents we have bought and everyone else takes credit for their own ones e.g. grans, aunties, uncles, etc. We have some presents under the tree already from relatives and santa will bring more on christmas eve. Santas that are in shops are helpers as santa himself is too busy sorting out christmas presents for everyone to be able to do that job too.

Pollyanna Sun 21-Dec-08 22:17:42

same as Seona for presents etc, except if asked we say that the santas in shops etc are just people dressing up.

we did debate this year saying that the big present is from us (to get some credit), but have decided not to do that.

PortAndStilton Mon 22-Dec-08 00:42:39

DS certainly believes that presents appearing in his stocking overnight in his stocking turn up from Santa. Personally I have been careful never to actually state that as a fact, but he picks up enough stuff from other sources to be pretty certain of it himself. All other presents come from whoever they are from. Awkward questions (about Santas in shops, etc.) are likely to be met with "What do you think?"

JodieO Mon 22-Dec-08 00:44:42

I wouldn't say that santa brought your baby, I'd tell the truth.

Stocking presents are from Father Christmas, other are from whoever they're from.

skrimbo Mon 22-Dec-08 00:55:57

Santas inb shops are helpers, unless they are really good then we get all excited and whisper maybe he is thte real one.

FC just leaves the stuff in the stockings and nice PJ's on Christmas eve. Santa doesn't get the expensive stuff at most a CD.

We leave the usual drink and snack and a carrot for the reindeer, have to do realistic nibbles on the carrot, foot prints ont he back door mat and sparkles up the stairs.

We also leave a set of outdoor fairy lights set out on the grass as a landing strip for the sleigh, we think he uses our garden to stop off and do some other houses in the street as they have smaller or more croded gardens.

Presents under tree are from us or the people who have bought them, sometimes he leaves a few things under tree with help from PIL.

nappyaddict Mon 22-Dec-08 01:48:45

Lily - Me and my sister realised that from doing the santa thing for 16 years the things my mum had to say to keep it real a little bit longer were quite complex! This is how FC played a part in our lives.

1. FC was in charge of all the toy factories and wrapping paper factories in the world. That is why he is able to bring the same presents that are sold in the shops and the same wrapping paper and tags mummy and daddy use. There is a factory at the north pole where only elves work and make unbranded toys. normal people work in all the other factories and make tomy, fisher price vtech etc

2. When you visited FC before the big day it might be one his helpers (normal person not elf) because he is very busy and can't be in a million places at once to see all the children who wanted to see him.

3. FC can talk telepathically to mummys and daddys even in dreams.

5. On Xmas eve FC freezes time so he can get to everyone on time. He hides the present in a secret place to make it fun for mummy and daddy to find them and then put them under the tree or in your stocking. As he is leaving he telepathically sends them a clue so they can go and find them and unfreezes time for a bit until they have done it.

6. FC doesn't go in house order like the postman he goes in the order of whoevers presents he pulls out of his sack next.

7. FC can make himself, his sleigh and reindeer invisible if he senses someone is watching for him.

8. When you are naughty FC takes one of your presents away but you get it back if you are good again.

9. Sometimes FC isn't hungry or thirsty so leaves some or all of what we left for him and then mummy and daddy can eat it instead. (Note you must always eat the mince pie or whatever after you have put the presents under the tree. My friends dd caught her and said well FC can't have told you he didn't want them cos he didn't leave any presents yet so he can't have been. doh!)

10. Sometimes FC brings all the presents and sometimes he only brings a few. Some parents want FC to bring all of them so they send him a lot of money but some parents want to get some things by themselves so they only send FC a bit of money.

11. Presents from FC aren't labelled. They are put in stocking, pillowcase, sack etc and any that don't fit are put by the side.

12. When FC is walking around the house and carrying the presents he might leave some magic dust about (ie glitter spray)

13. On Xmas Eve we go outside to sprinkle reindeer food so they can see our house from the sky. We hear a bell and find magic pjs hidden with a note saying you have to wear them so FC knows when you are asleep.

14. In the morning we find a bit of red material on the door handle (no chimney) from FC's pocket and he has dropped a trail of choccy coins to where the presents are.

15. Everyday at exactly the same time FC or his elves magically switch the xmas tree lights and outside lights on and off (timer switch)

16. Some people say when friends/family bring presents over before Christmas they have to be sent off to FC. This is because FC can watch over you all the time and see if you're being naughty and then he has to take a present away from you. If you are good again you earn it back. Mum always said we won't send ours to FC he can decide from the presents he's got at the northpole if he has to take any away.

Luckily DS is only 2.6 so have only told him some of these yet. But thanks to my mum I am very prepared for when the questions start!!

TinselBaublesMistletoe Mon 22-Dec-08 02:12:24

Our presents were sent to Father Christmas. If my parents went shopping they would tell us they were going to talk to Father Christmas and sometimes we'd get little teasers if we were desperate for something "I told Father Christmas that you really wanted... and he said he will see what he can do". We never had presents from him, himself apart from when we went to a grotto. We were told that it wasn't the real FC at grottos, that he was just a helper as FC was so busy.

When I was older I asked Mum about lying to us and she said she never did. She told us he existed which is true in many ways (real person - ie St Nick - the parents who do the work etc), when she said she was going to talk to him she went to the shop, when she sent things to him they either went in the loft or her parents house.

My granddad apparantly had to be stopped from telling us the truth (this is the man who plays FC each year for a particular organisation), he said that we wouldn't trust our parents anymore and it would have an effect on us. Mum pointed out that he hadn't changed his feelings towards his own mum and he wasn't traumatised by it.

Vainglorious Mon 22-Dec-08 02:33:16

I have told my children that FC HAS (when Aunts & Uncles bought them) to see every present and decide whether the children have been good enough. Believe me I swore when asking DH to take them up into the loft. He swore too and told me I was stupid to let our kids think that it's true. Tosser.

Anyway, DS now tells everyone that the presents have to go to FC to be x rayed to make sure they are for you.

I love Christmasgrin

sandcastles Mon 22-Dec-08 02:40:54

My 5 yr old beleives the following

The stockings are filled by FC, with stuff from FC.

He also brings her other presents, even tho she knows they are from us. I have no idea why she believes this, but I am happy to go along with it.

She believes that we buy pressies for fmaily & friends 'because FC is just to busy to do it all'

bobs Mon 22-Dec-08 02:41:45

Santa just brings stocking pressies which used to be left at the end of the beds, but after one yr when Santa was nearly caught -ie stocking had disappeared and me found hiding on the floor on the other side of my bed at 2am by dd2, stockings are now left on the landing. They are actually too old to believe - dd2 stopped believng at 10 but I tell them that as long as they still believe in Santa he will contine to fill stockings smile.
Btw, there used to be a website run by Norad showing where Santa is in the world on Xmas Eve - gets the kids to bed a bit quickergrin

sandcastles Mon 22-Dec-08 02:43:14

Oh & presents from family/friends are just that...not form FC.

Astrophe Mon 22-Dec-08 02:55:54

We don't do Santa at all in our house. The kids get presents from us, including a small stocking with sweets in it, and all their doting relatives.

DD is 4.5, doesn't believe in Santa, DS is 2.5 and doesn't really know anything about Santa. For them, its Jesus' Birthday, and they are extremely excited about makig 'Jesus' Birthday cake' on Christmas Eve (as they have free rein on the decorating...its always a monstrosity!).

nooka Mon 22-Dec-08 03:17:29

We don't do FC either. I was brought up a Catholic with lots of religious pre-Christmas events that seemed pretty magical at the time. dh and I are aetheists, so now we concentrate on the giving aspect, and our pre-Christmas preparations are to do with making presents and cooking food. I've never met anyone in RL that does anything special on the FC front, but I can see it might be fun, except I wonder how you introduce the concept of giving presents, if they are all from FC. My children, and nephews and neices get a lot of pleasure out of giving family the things they have made or chosen.

nooka Mon 22-Dec-08 03:18:30

Oh, and it is supposed to be a very bad idea to suggest that baby brothers and sisters are a present (Santa or otherwise)

twentypence Mon 22-Dec-08 03:31:07

Santa brings the presents (that we buy) and they are from Santa, but if anything is wrong with them (the elves must have been tired when they forgot to put that bit in) then Santa thinks it's okay to take to the toyshop to swap for another one, and he will pick up the broken one next time he is passing.

All the Santas in the shops are not real Santas (but we haven't discussed who they are).

The Santa we go to see has his own beard (and is therefore the real Santa) and is only at the place for 2 hour a day for 5 days, which ds thinks is a realistic amount of time "as he's got a lot on Mummy".

Relatives and my pupils bring their own presents. Santa's sleigh is way too full of toys to take them too.

Santa can also take things away (such as cloth nappies at toilet training time) and swap for presents. He's a one man freecycle.

Astrophe Mon 22-Dec-08 03:31:46

agree nooka - babies are not presents! Imagine older DC deciding they didn't like their 'present' and wanted to take it back to the shop!

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