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can I do the Baby Whisperer thing with a 12 mo old?

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ionesmum Thu 24-Mar-05 23:14:46

My dd deperately needs a routine. I'm wondering if this is worth trying?


goreousgirl Thu 24-Mar-05 23:33:20

Not sure of the BW routine - is it play, feed sleep or something?

I had no routine for my dd until she was 2.5!! But when I introduced it, it all hung around food bath bed and worked for her.

5pm - food
6pm - bath
7pm milk/story/bed

She's fantastic if only I could get ds to sleep at night........

anchovies Fri 25-Mar-05 00:29:52

Prob not the EASY routine as she is too big for all that eating and sleeping! What's the problem exactly?

We did the BW routine and DS (13 months) now gets up at 7-7.30am bottle and breakfast. Nap at 11.30 til 1pm then lunch, tea at 5.50pm, bath at 6.15pm, bottle/book then bed for 7pm. Works a treat.

BTW the BW toddler book is good for general info and helping with routine issues.

ionesmum Fri 25-Mar-05 20:26:02

Thanks for your replies! dd2 is still bfeeding and doesn't really have any pattern to her day. She hardly eats any solids, sometimes has two naps and sometimes one, and wakes three times a night, sometimes to feed, sometimes to use me as a dummy. Ideally I'd like 2/3 bfeeds, morning, after lunch and before bed, for her to take a decent amount of food and for a routine of naps so I could plan her day a bit better. Then hopefully the nights would get better. It's difficult; Im so tired I can't sort out the days, but if I don't she won't be full or rested enough to have good nights so I'm perpetuating the situation. I have posted before about this and received some very kind replies but so far nothing seems to be working.

anchovies Sat 26-Mar-05 20:32:22

If I were you I'd sort out the night time feeds first, when you're both tired it will be hard to sort out the days! What happens if you dont feed her at night will she go back to sleep in the end? But it's a bit of a vicious circle isn't it cos if she doesn't eat in the day she'll be hungry at night (and not hungry in the day) and if she doesn't sleep at night she'll be tired in the day!

How many breastfeeds is she having in the day at the moment? Do you give her breakfast before or after her first breastfeed?

ionesmum Sat 26-Mar-05 21:47:15

Thanks for repling! She has her first feed any time between four and six, then usually falls back to sleep. Then another one usually around seven. Breakfast is usually around half eight - she won't eat cereal so it's usually toast. She sometimes falls asleep again late morning, sometimes over lunch time, sometimes after lunch. She has to feed to sleep. Usually sh ehas another b/feed at some point, after rejecting her cup of water. Lunch is usually finger foods - cheese, fruit, veg etc. She doesn't eat much and then has a huge bfeed at her nap time. If I'm lucky she might drink a bit of water in the afternoon, o/wise it's more milk. I try to get her through to dinner but if she's had an early nap then sometimes she falls asleep again late afternoon. Dinner is a cooked meal such as pasta but she usually throws it on the floor. She has a set bedtime routine, then bfeeds to sleep. I would then expect her to wake at about midnight and then again around three for b/feeds. She takes a full feed each time. If I don't feed her she screams and screams.

kama Sat 26-Mar-05 21:58:53

Message withdrawn

ionesmum Sat 26-Mar-05 22:15:49

Thanks, kama! Dd1 put herself in a routine, it was so easy. I'm not quite sure what's gone wrong with dd2!

anchovies Sun 27-Mar-05 08:46:10

Poor you! I'm not sure how you are still with us!

Do you have the babywhisperer book? Perhaps start with the bfeeding to sleep problem/stopping the night feeds as until you get rid of full feeds in the night she'll never be hungry enough to eat properly in the day.

I'd really recommend the babay whisperer book, she recommends sorting one problem at a time. Also the babywisperer message boards are great for practical advice.

anchovies Sun 27-Mar-05 08:47:50

Just a thought but have you tried your health visitor? She may be able to come up with some ideas too?

ionesmum Sun 27-Mar-05 21:44:05

Hi, anchovies, and thank you. My hv means well but she recommends CC for night-time, which is a non-starter as far as I'm concerned. I think part of the problem is that dd2 doesn't actually seem to like food very much, on the rare occasions I actually manage to get anything in her mouth she reacts like she has bitten a lemon and spits the whol elot out! She'll eat toast and variations on that theme, peas and cheese, and yoghurt! Oh well, it won't last forever!

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