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dropinthe Wed 23-Mar-05 12:00:39

Us Mums dont get told often enough what amazing beings we are to juggle so many balls in any one given day and to keep the country's households running!!
So I thought I would! Us SAHMs are brilliant,you Mums who work full/part time are great and you single and special needs Mums are fanatstic!
We should all take a couple of minutes to congratulate ourselves on the complexity of our lives and how well we cope,how we make our children happy,our husbands/partners and what bloody good friends we are to each other!

Gobbledigook Wed 23-Mar-05 12:01:52

TBH, I think you are right. Despite all the steps taken forward over the last few centuries, I think they have far from made our lives easier - in fact it's much, much harder nowadays to be a Mummy I'd say.

So hear, hear - we are all amazing.

Gobbledigook Wed 23-Mar-05 12:02:09

oops, I meant the last few decades!

DillyDally Wed 23-Mar-05 12:09:21

All together now
"Give yourself a pat on the back...a pat on the back... a pat on the back..."

Now if only we find a way to deal with snooty people in the community who snarl at anyone with the audacity to take a child outside their house and then for the said child to make <whispers> a noise

suzywong Wed 23-Mar-05 12:10:40

can't join in
have been shouty sweary mum today

but the rest of you are fantastic

dropinthe Wed 23-Mar-05 12:49:55

DillyDally-Ive spent the last hour doing housework singing that bloody ceebeebies song youve just mentioned over and over-wish I'd kept quiet now!!

dot1 Wed 23-Mar-05 12:56:00

I love that song!!!

kama Wed 23-Mar-05 12:56:54

Message withdrawn

dropinthe Wed 23-Mar-05 13:01:32

I dont!!

ThomCat Wed 23-Mar-05 13:04:43

Yeah, thanks, I AM bloody great, and so are all of you

dropinthe Wed 23-Mar-05 14:36:58

Bump for those afternoon m/netter mummys!!

hotmama Wed 23-Mar-05 14:42:28

I sooo agree - all mums are top - whatever the choices as an individual you make - you probably have done the best thing in the world - that is loving and doing your best for all the ds's/dd's out there.

On a sunny day - I am sooo enjoying my maternity leave!

lockets Wed 23-Mar-05 14:43:30

Message withdrawn

dropinthe Wed 23-Mar-05 17:40:31

Bump for all those great working mummies!!

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