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What do you call your DC's when they are being silly?

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ChirpyGrinch Tue 09-Dec-08 18:08:04

As in, 'well if you spin round and round really fast you will get dizzy, you lemon.'
Or 'Yes, sliding off the sofa onto your head will mean you get stuck, dinkus'

DH pointed out that I call them these things so, as I am bored, I was wondering what other words people use.

mankymummy Tue 09-Dec-08 18:09:16

wierd (been told off for this)
loo loo la la

luckylady74 Tue 09-Dec-08 18:10:03

silly dafty
piggly wiggly
dafty doo dar
twit blush

Nemostwonderfultimeoftheyear Tue 09-Dec-08 18:12:14

ninny numpty fruit cake

ChirpyGrinch Tue 09-Dec-08 18:12:51

I have called DD2 a weirdo before, most memorably when she lay down on the kitchen floor wiht her head on the door of the washing machine (while it was spinning) and started saying
AAAAaaaAAAaaaaAAAAaaaaAAAAgh and giggling madly.

DLI Tue 09-Dec-08 18:13:39

silly billy,

Winebeforepearls Tue 09-Dec-08 18:14:17

silly sausage
a loon

pinkmagic1 Tue 09-Dec-08 18:14:29

Silly Billy

jellybelly25 Tue 09-Dec-08 18:15:32

oh we are awful for this, i am going to feel so ashamed!

Bobo head

nobby solano (story - i went to say KNOB but realised quickly that that was unacceptable blush so it turned into that)

idiot (in exceptional circumstances, not so much for silliness as genuinely unbelievable stupidity)

Message withdrawn

stuffitllama Tue 09-Dec-08 18:17:45

silly sausage

McDreamy Tue 09-Dec-08 18:19:07

silly billy
silly sausage
big banana

seeker Tue 09-Dec-08 18:19:28

My MIL says Giddy Kipper, which I like.

I use dingbat, or for more emphasis, Dingbat wombat.

I also use Bonkers, to describe a particular type of exclusively boy-silliness that I bet other boy owners will recognize!

stealthsquiggle Tue 09-Dec-08 18:19:44


DD calls me a silly billy billy billy hmm

Message withdrawn

ThingOne Tue 09-Dec-08 18:22:46

bonkers - this is their favourite and mine
mad boy

superfrenchie1 Tue 09-Dec-08 18:22:48

normally 'silly sausage' or sometimes 'you loon' or something. often on verge of something stronger when ds (5) is being particularly silly in the way that only 5yo boys can!

plus3frenchhens Tue 09-Dec-08 18:25:23

silly sausage
bonkers as conkers (as in 'you are as...)
crazy mad thing

sure there are others...will think

Joolyjoolyjoo Tue 09-Dec-08 18:25:46

Numpty, silly billy, dafty.

The other day dd (3) called ME a silly moose.

morningpaper Tue 09-Dec-08 18:30:23

silly billy bear

Winebeforepearls Tue 09-Dec-08 18:34:31

oh that's another: banana brain

and muppet

BahHumWug Tue 09-Dec-08 18:37:14


A few weeks ago DD (2.5) was drinking the bathwater out of her pouring cups (as per usual). DH said "Don't drink the bathwater you berk" (in a jocular way of course)

DD replied "I'm not a berk daddy, I'm a wallyburger. And you're a div!"

shock grin

Helsbels4 Tue 09-Dec-08 18:38:16



Bonkers/ Bonker banana blush

cluelessnchaos Tue 09-Dec-08 18:40:49

doughnut or pudding

seeker Tue 09-Dec-08 18:47:40

Regular exchange between dp and dcs
dp"You are a banana"
dc "No I'm not!"
dp "Then why are your yellow and bendy, then?

Cue hysterical mirth - every time!

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