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stressed again

(9 Posts)
Saacsmum Mon 21-Mar-05 01:54:13

I havent posted for a while but am getting really over tired and stressed with everything and needed some reassurance so here goes. Very short history is that Saac was born with a hole in his bowel and has been a really sick baby. He will be 6mths old next Friday. Our day goes something like this....
6am Up, dressed, bf
8-9.30 Sleep
9.30 bf, play
11.00-12 Sleep
12 bf, play
1.30-2.30 Sleep
2.30 bf, play
4.30-5-30 Sleep
5.30 bf, play
7 bf, bed
9.30 wakes for feed
12.00 wakes for feed
2.00 wakes for feed
5.00 wakes, plays in cot.

During his wakeful periods Saac is generally unsettled and we go from walking around on my hip to the swing to under the play gym to time on the mat to bed around and around in circles until he either sleeps or settles for 5-10 minutes. He doesnt exactly cry he just grizzles and grizzles and grizzles. He is not very interested in holding or exploring objects and although he can roll from his back to his tummy he cant roll back and gets really upset until I help him, he can almost sit though flops foward and topples very quickly and isnt really happy as he doesnt want to interact with things when like this, I try to keep his day varied, sing and read and play and go for walks and visits etc. Are other babies really grizzly like this all the time it is really wearing me down and I dont feel like I have enjoyed his babyhood at all so far which is really sad. Does he sound like he is developing normally?

Tired and worried and just a bit down

bobbybob Mon 21-Mar-05 02:39:24

My first 6 months with Bob I just had him in a sling the whole time. He was a very unhappy baby indeed. He's now a thorougly happy toddler, so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Do you fancy a visit or a trip out?

Saacsmum Mon 21-Mar-05 02:57:21

YES, Im a bit isolated and while I have friends with bubs none have had similar experiences and dont really understand what is going on, would love to meet up, Im really not as neurotic as I sound, it is just that I need to vent sometimes

bobbybob Mon 21-Mar-05 07:09:22

I'll CAT you.

ETsmum Mon 21-Mar-05 07:59:10

Hi saccsmum. My ds was like this ie very grizzly, nothing seemed to please him etc and mit is VERY wearing. All I can say is that it does get metter - my ds seemed to get happier once he started crawling and then walking. I still look back (he's 20months now) and feel terrible for not feeling like I enjoyed him in those 1st few months. But it DOES get better. Is Sac better nnow healthwise? Hope you and bobbybob manage to get together - I always felt better being out of the house - the grizzling didn't seem so loud!! Hang on in there, things will improve.

bobbybob Mon 21-Mar-05 18:44:48

Just a thought, when Bob had the probiotics from Dr Ford he turned into a loony and just ran around the house all day shouting. His well developed language disappeared, he just became a very wearing headless chicken impersonator. I switched him back to some probiotics specifically for children and he became a sweet little thing again. Worth considering.

Saacsmum Tue 22-Mar-05 09:13:03

We started one called a couple of weeks ago and I think that there have been positive results ie decrease in blood in nappies etc, the grizzling has been ongoing throughout diet challenges, probiotics, etc, I think he just is still very unhappy alot of the time, things have definately improved from when he was little though.

Saacsmum Tue 22-Mar-05 09:34:47

hmm oops, that should read ...called...Primadophilus for Children by Natures Way.

bobbybob Tue 22-Mar-05 18:55:57

that's the one bob uses. - Have you got my CAT yet?

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