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fussy children

(3 Posts)
clairebn99rh Tue 15-Mar-05 16:33:20

ihave a three year old boy and very fussy with
food he hardly eats anythink he hates he veg
any advice

serenity Tue 15-Mar-05 16:46:10

I would say make a list of what he will eat and see how balanced it actually is. You might be pleasantly surprised. My DS2 (4) is a total pita when it comes to food, and won't eat veggies. However he will eat fruit and he'll pick tomatoes and cucumber out a salad, so while we eat every other vegetable going, he has those two. I'm fed up with every dinner being a battle (lunch is fine as he'll eat sandwiches) so I've given up. If he doesn't eat, fine, he won't starve - I'll let him have a piece of fruit.

Laylasmum Tue 15-Mar-05 16:46:19

Try pureeing his veg and putting it in something he does like or chopping it really finely in an omellette or something.Offer him a varied amount of food and if he refuses to eat it at all then try and be firm and say no pudding /sweets or whatever.Kids aren't that stupid they won't let themselves starve!!( also try arranging food on his plate in a face if boat shape or something and only put a really small portion so if he eats it you acn really praise him, he can always have more!!) HTH

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