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routine for 9 month ds

(6 Posts)
Beansmum Tue 15-Mar-05 12:01:26

Do you have a routine? what is it? I'm just being nosy and also wondering if I could get ds to stick to the same routine all the time, ie at nursery and at home. At the moment he has a totally different routine at nursery and doesn't sleep at all, so he comes home really grumpy and tired.

Chuffed Tue 15-Mar-05 12:38:41

Our routine and nursery is quite close although we don't stick to it quite so rigidly in the weekends, sort of give and take an hour or so for naps etc.
dd now almost 1yr awake about 7ish, breakfast and milk by 8am.
Some extra toast at nursery at about 8.40 but we don't do this in the weekends. Then bottle at 10.30ish. lunch at 12ish (she sometimes has a wee nap inbetween).
Bottle at 2.30pm, supper at 4ish with a nap between. Then dinner at about 6ish-6.45ish then bath, bottle, bed, books.
Sorry it is a bit vague as we are relatively relaxed about it and let her guide us to a certain degree but try to stick to this type of routine if we can.

handlemecarefully Tue 15-Mar-05 12:46:36

No routine. Just do whatever.....

Didn't want to be like my friend who never goes anywhere between 12.00 - 2.30 because it is 'sleep time'

bodenmum Wed 30-Mar-05 09:56:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TracyK Wed 30-Mar-05 10:00:50

my ds always has a diff routine when at nursery. Never slept there so was always catching up at weekends. At that age he wanted to have a morning nap bout 10ish for an hour or so and then another one about 2ish for another hour. But at never at nursery! He would crash in his highchair during lunch and resume his nap in the car on the way home. Now at 1yo he can make it till after lunch with no nap and sleep from 1-3 in the car.

swiperfox Wed 30-Mar-05 10:02:46

our ds is 9 months and has a very loose routine - if you can call it that! He generally has a sleep in the morning at about 10 or 11, i try and do lunch between 12 and one. He has another sleep late afternoon, dinner is anytime from 5-8 and he goes to bed as and when he falls asleep!!

Thing is though on a day when dd has nursery it all goes completely pear shaped as we leave at 12 so I aim to give him lunch when we get back but sometimes he sleeps then til i pick her up at 3!!

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