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Very long day out to London coming up...

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milliemayhem Tue 04-Nov-08 00:35:04

taking DS, who has just turned 5 to natural history museum and then to see the xmas lights etc. We're having a dilemma whether to take a pushchair. We don't own a pushchair anymore and he walks brilliantly, but i know hes going to get really tired and if we have to end up carrying him it'll break our backs and ruin our day. Would you frown upon a 5 year old in a pushchair, or shall we borrow one and all have an enjoyable day? (Ooo, i can hang Selfridges bags on handles too when i max the credit cards!)

Lazycow Tue 04-Nov-08 00:50:01

If you are going to be out all day and want to set your own pace I'd borrow one for the trip and not worry what anyone else thinks.but you will get quite a few mnetters here who will probably disagree. I personally think a day out in London for fun should be enjoyable for the whole family if possible and shouldn't be a competition to see how much stamina your 5 year old has.

milliemayhem Tue 04-Nov-08 00:55:12

I know he can walk a fair distance. I don't need the length of Oxford Street to tell me otherwise! I just know he'll get lazy and want to sit in for the sake of it. Just need to make sure he knows its for ONE DAY ONLY!

GunpowderTreasonAndLemon Tue 04-Nov-08 00:56:27

The lights are a bit rubbish these days, TBH.

How much walking is going to be involved? The Natural History Museum is only a v short walk from South Kensington Tube, and you could get a bus from South Kensington into the heart of the Bit With The Lights quite easily. Which station are you coming into/out of?

I'd be concerned that dragging a buggy around with you all day would be a real pain and hinder you on public transport (I don't even use one for DD on public transport in London, and she's 7 months so I'd have every excuse). But if you feel the benefits outweigh the drawbacks then don't worry about what other people will think.

milliemayhem Tue 04-Nov-08 01:06:25

Not sure on tubes and where we'll be heading after nat his museum. Is the museum good these days? Is it a full days worth? We're going up on a coach, already booked, so will get there about 10, and coach leaving at about 8.30, so we're talking over 10 hours on feet. If we leave museum around 4 we've still got hours of walking round. Boo hoo, perhaps we should just stay at home on ps2!

MarmadukeScarlet Tue 04-Nov-08 01:10:08

We always do a Rickshaw to see the lights, the DC love it.

Lazycow Tue 04-Nov-08 01:33:39

I wouldn't want to stay in the museum for 6 hours but then your ds may love it and there is plenty to do there. I just find museums make me a bit tired/fuggy after a while.

The Diana memorial gardens are quite nearby in Kensington gardens and might be worth a visit if the weather is good - There is a fantastic childen's play area there. However you may not want to visit yet another playground not matter how nice grin.

If you want to do some shopping after the museum your ds is less likely to moan I'd have thought if he can sit down in a pushchair and look at a book or play with something while you do a bit of shopping.

OrangeKnickers Tue 04-Nov-08 14:10:06

If your ds does get tired then go to John Lewis on Oxford Circus for a rest, they have a couple of nice cafes and a parents room on the 5th floor (not the one of the third floor) with drinking water and a parent and child loo.

Selfridges is nice, but JL has much better customer service.

Leave the pushcahir at home and get a travelcard (£5.30) and get the bus everywhere. The Transport for loncon website is fab, you can plan your day out and find out whee to get the buses.

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