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mishkamoo Mon 03-Nov-08 21:00:08

4wks old very unsettled in the evenings, and sometimes in the day as well. Sometimes his tummy sounds really gurgly and he screws up his little face in pain, although he doesn't do the whole scrunching his legs up thing, which I've read is supposed to be a sign of colic. If anyting he perfers to stretch out really straight. I am giving him Infacol b4 every feed (I am breastfeeding) which seems to help him burp, but has anyone got any advice for helping his sore tummy/getting him to fart?!

pinkmunkee Tue 04-Nov-08 08:14:12

Hiya mishkamoo. My DS was colicky- I found the infacol really useful but I also gave him one dose of grip in the late afternoon as wind builds up during the day and it gave him a bit or relief before the evening. As for wind at the other end, to get him to fart you can lie him on his back and do gentle cycling motions with his legs. Or, pull both his knees up to his chest and rotate his legs in a clockwise motion. I was amazed by what came out! Massaging his tummy very gently with a flat hand, clockwise again, can also help relieve tension. HTH smile

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