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stuffed up with a cold at ten weeks

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Leenie Sun 02-Nov-08 22:53:00

my DS has started to get a cold, i know that this probably sounds over silly, but i cant help but feel panicky, he hasnt got a temperature and appears happy, (cooing away and smiling etc..) but has a chesty sounding cough and is quite snufly with a bunged up mucasy nose, especially after sleep, is it anything to be alarmed about, or is it common this time of year, and has anyone got any tips on making him feel better quickly, i dont even understand how he caught the cold as i have been so careful to keep him well wrapped up if we go out and he hasnt been in contact with anyone with a cold,sad

skramble Sun 02-Nov-08 22:57:43

Only tip I can give is it may help to sleep with his head a bit higher, not safe to sleep propped upon a pillow so put pillow or folded towels under cot mattress to lift that end a little, or put telephone directories under cot feet.

You can get little sucky things to help extract mucus from the nose. in this sort of kit sort of kit

Tommy Sun 02-Nov-08 22:57:53

awww - poor litle thing sad

I found, with DS3, that if I put him to sleep in his little chair rather than the moses basket, then he could sleep better as he was more upright.

Also, some baby vicks/karvol on a tissue in the cot/chair with him.

blondie14 Tue 04-Nov-08 13:37:58

hiya, i am in the same situation with ds2 who is 10 weeks old. i have raised the head end of crib and using karvol, i put it on a tissue and placed onto heated radiator to smell the room so not to concentrated. my health visitor recommended feeding little and often to stop them tiring themselves out with sucking but it didnt work, ds protested very loudly!! xx

cupcake76 Tue 04-Nov-08 13:46:16

Message withdrawn

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