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11 year old

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bmz Sat 01-Nov-08 16:40:38

do any one have a 11 year child (girl) what activities/things do you do with them - mine seems to want to do nothing which makes me feel a bad parent.

deanychip Sat 01-Nov-08 16:45:36

my nephew is 11 and is the same.
he constantly has his head in one of those hand held electronic thingies, playing games.
no converstaion
no exersize
no imagination
no fun.

when asked, he never wants to go any where or do anything.
when he comes to us he brings one that plugs into the telly, i dont allow him to use it, instead we pile into the car and go for walks etc, he is very unhappy about 1st, then when he gets going he really enjoys himself (bless him)
his mum rations his electronic use.

christywhisty Sat 01-Nov-08 18:06:48

I have a 11 year old (yr6 not yet secondary), don't do much with her, she is very independent.
We are watching Harry Potter together this afternoon, while I am doing the ironing (and MNettingwink.
She has got quite a good social life at the moment as both her and her friends are just being allowed to go out by themselves. She is usually at one friends or another at the weekend, sometimes they go down the gym (our leisure has a special over 8s gym) and they have just arranged their first swim trip together. It ended up with 7 of them going.
I have read a lot of the books she is reading at the moment so we often chat about those. We have had girly visits to see Hairspray and High School Musical at the theatre and she enjoys shopping trips with a Starbucks thrown in.
But we don't do activities together as such ie more likely to do cooking with DS (13) than her. She is also very teenage moody at the moment, for instant asked to clear the table she through a wobbly.
Out of school she does swimming and guides.

christywhisty Sat 01-Nov-08 18:07:55

*threw not through

UnfortunatelyMurderedMe Sat 01-Nov-08 18:11:49

Mine is still 10 but 11 in a couple of weeks.
She does a lot of playing on her nintendo ds.
Homework eats up after school time, when the weather good the trampoline gets a look in after school.
Rollers Skates get us both out together talking.

mrsmaidamess Sat 01-Nov-08 18:12:44

My dd is 13 now but at 11 she liked swimming, bike riding, playing on computer, and she started scrapbooking which she enjoyed (has gone off the boil now though)

renaldo Sat 01-Nov-08 18:15:13

11 year old DS likes
seeing friends
watching TV playing on Wii
we go for walks, watch him play rugby and footie
he also goes to scouts, we go to church occasionally
he can still be coaxed to go swimming, out to eat and visit museums with us all as a family and
he has a girlfirend he texts/MSNs but never sees!

cory Mon 03-Nov-08 09:00:36

My dd has only limited energy for outside school activities (health problems), but she likes swimming, going round the shops, the occasional family board game, visiting museums and things. We share a lot of books together, sometimes watch films.

bruces Mon 03-Nov-08 12:08:51

my dd is 12 she likes
watching friends dvds
texting on her mobile
going on beboo
seeing friends

she's joined various clubs at school but nothing has held her interest so far.

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