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wheely bug, large or small? and which one?

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ginseng Sat 01-Nov-08 07:32:33

Hi, i want to get a wheely bug for my DD for christmas, i think she would love it, she will be almost 1. should i get the small one or large one? (worried the small one will not last long, but the big one too big) also anyone got either the mouse or the ladybird one? can't think which one to get. thanks, suddenly thinking this should be posted on christmas forum!!


Cocodrillo Sat 01-Nov-08 07:37:40

no get the small one, the other one will be too big. the small one's for ages 1 to 3, and the big one's for 3 to 5 year olds. we have both, one for each DD, but DD2 can hardly straddle the big one!

We have bee and ladybird. I do really like the ladybird one smile.

ginseng Sat 01-Nov-08 07:42:02

Thanks! i didnt know the age ranges or sizes so thanks so much, will get the small one! do yours like them/ use them? are they worth it? they look brilliant, but you never know! the mouse looks so great but i was worried that the ears would make it hard for her to get close to the handle.

thanks so much!


giddykipper Sat 01-Nov-08 07:43:42

We have the cow because I just love the horns! Another vote for small one, DS is now 18 months (and big) and is just starting to get the hang of using it.

tkband3 Sat 01-Nov-08 07:52:40

We bought a small one each for my DTs for their 1st birthday - one ladybird and one bumble-bee. DTs are now 3.7 and DD1 is 5.4 and they still use them. In fact we had some friends over last week and the 9 year old was whizzing around on them as well. They're really sturdy - probably the best present we've bought grin.

ginseng Sat 01-Nov-08 07:53:30

oh do you think 1 is too young? she is on her feet and cruising already so was thinking she would be ok for one in 2 months, but worried now! what age were yours when they got one?

giddykipper Sat 01-Nov-08 07:58:13

DS didn't get any use at all from it until he was walking properly, they are a bit skittish for pushing around until they can walk properly. Saying that, if she's cruising then she'll be walking soon and it's a couple of months until Christmas. I say go for it - she might not use it immediately but it's a long time until next Christmas!

ginseng Sat 01-Nov-08 08:01:40

Thanks for all the info, i can see what will happen... my 3.5 year old will hog it!! but think i will get one as she isnt really aware of presents anyway! just now need to decide on mouse or ladybird!!!!

thanks everyone!!

tkband3 Sat 01-Nov-08 08:04:00

They didn't use them that much when they first got them (at age 1) but they weren't walking then and we had carpets throughout the house! Once we had wooden floors laid, they became much more fun as they could really get up speed on them grin.

ginseng Sat 01-Nov-08 08:09:54

did they fall off it much?

tkband3 Sat 01-Nov-08 08:17:24

A bit, but only sort of sliding off the back to land with a slight bump - and they had nappy padding so I don't remember it causing distress, they just got back on again grin.

amidaiwish Sat 01-Nov-08 08:42:39

DD2 got a small wheelybug (ladybird) for her first birthday and it was a great present. She is now 3 and still whizzes round on it. DD1 is 4.5 and is too big for it but still whizzes around on it. I think the small one is fine. Go for it, they are brilliant. And no, don't think we have ever had falls off it. DD1 tried to use it as a baby walker a bit when she got it - holding the handle and pushing it but it whizzes away too fast! That could have resulted in a few bumps i guess.

amidaiwish Sat 01-Nov-08 08:44:38

free delivery code KF1ZZ140 grin

PeppaPigsMum Sat 01-Nov-08 09:41:57

i'd definitely get a small one. dd1 was bought one of these (a bee) for her first birthday 3.5 years ago and its still going strong. dd2 loved using it as a walker when she was cruising, once she'd got used to the speed (we have wooden floors), as she could change direction very easily. she has been sitting on it properly, pushing herself around since she was about 14 months. dd1 still uses it at 4.5 too!

dinkystinky Sat 01-Nov-08 13:23:32

We got the small one (the bee) for DS when he was 10 months - he spent the first 6 months playing with the antenna and crawling and cruising with it, then started riding on it. He's 2.5 now (and a tall boy) and still sometimes plays with it.

omgidbi Mon 03-Nov-08 10:40:55

You get can them for £48 with free delivery here.
I love ours, we have a small Bee.

picklesmama Mon 03-Nov-08 16:38:55

Amazed people think these are good - my crowd all bought these, nice traditional toy, looks great etc - and they always get ignored! Our ladybird looks great but DD has shown very little interest, maybe DS will once grown up!

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