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DD doesn't like her playpen

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chloemegjess Fri 31-Oct-08 12:14:30

Hello. My mum got her old playpen down to use at her house when DD is round as I go there once a week ish. DD loves it and will just sit and play in there and walks round the sides etc.

So I got one pretty much exactly the same, to use at home while I get some bits done/pop to the loo etc. But she doesn't like it at all! As soon as I put her in there she crys and wants to come out. She is quite a happy baby in general.

Any ideas on getting her to like it? I am finding it hard to even go to the loo on my own, and i can't bring DD into the bathroom and let her play on the floor because the radiator is too hot.

Its just so odd as she loves her one at my mums

PussinJimmyWhoooos Fri 31-Oct-08 12:17:00

I think its more that she doesn't like you leaving her rather than the playpen iyswim? Perhaps you could try putting her in the playpen but alternate between staying there and playing through or over the bars and popping to the kitchen or whatever...when she realises its not always going to be you leaving the room, she may take to it better?

chloemegjess Fri 31-Oct-08 12:39:45

Ok, well this afternoon I need to clean the room that the playpen is in, so might try playing with her while she is in it.

Although we do leave her when at my mums, but I guess not all the time so not so bad.

Its just so big and if I am not going to be able to use it then it might as well go! But she is 10 months and into everything and I am expecting my second in April so I know it will be good to have somewhere to put one of them!

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