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Please help, she is crying again...

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SnoopDog Wed 29-Oct-08 23:02:09

here is the original thread

i am at the end of my sanity ideas,

it is 11pm and she is crying after me putting her to bed, asleep, after a good feed, in her own cot,

she uses this cot during the day and sleeps well in it,

it is the fact i am trying to remove co sleeping she has a problem with,

i feel like and awful mummy,


i need my space back,

over night,

and in the evenings,

it is often 11pm before she settles and she then gets up 2 hours later...



LadyLaGore Wed 29-Oct-08 23:05:18

no help, sorry. but posting coz ive read at least

shabster Wed 29-Oct-08 23:08:05

I've been there and done that and got the tshirt and it is truly awful.

It really wont hurt her to leave her to cry for a short while - although, if I am being honest I found that very, very hard.

My problems were with my fourth DS - his sleep patterns were truly awful. Now he is 11 and High school is wearing him out. He sleeps longer now than he ever did before.

I found that I had to walk away and go as far away from the crying that I could...just for a few minutes to get a small amount of sanity back.

Ive just re-read this post and none of it is of any help at all. Maybe someone will come on here and give you some valuable help grin I just wanted you to know that we all survived our screaming poor sleeper. Deep breathing, nice thoughts my love xxxx

sleepycatonabroomstick Wed 29-Oct-08 23:13:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PortofinoPumpkin Wed 29-Oct-08 23:13:36

So how old is she? 4 months or so? What time do you put her to bed? How long has she been going in the cot on her own? Is she now being only ff?

nancy75 Wed 29-Oct-08 23:24:11

my ddwas exactly the same, hardly slept during the day or at night, dp and i would have our dinner in shifts because we couldnt put her down long enough to eat, we tried a routine and she didnt want to know - just screemed the house down. in desperation we took her to a cranial osteopath when she was about 16/17 weeks (my mum said it could be colic that was wrong) it could be just co incidence but the night after we took her she did sleep for longer than she ever had (about 6 hours) and after that she just seemed to get a bit better.
we also found that a musical swinging chair would put her to sleep when nothing else could

in honesty i think the fact that i was so tired and so scared of having this little new baby made her worse and as we got more used to her she did settle down

SnoopDog Wed 29-Oct-08 23:32:40

she is now in her cot,

after much in and outing from me...

place your bets on how long this lasts grin

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