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which breathing monitor to use with an Amby Nest?

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Ginni Wed 29-Oct-08 12:08:38

I just ordered my Amby and now i'm looking into which breathing monitor would be suitable to use with it - I've heard Respisense shouldn't be used beyond around 6 months as there is some danger in baby rolling onto her stomach with this attached. However, with an Amby I don't think babies can turn on their stomach (?). I am not sure the monitors which use pads would be ideal as the Amby doesn't have a flat surface, and the sizes may not match up to the Amby. Also i'd be concerned about any wiring. So at the moment i'm assuming the clip-on Respisense is the best option. Does anyone have any comments?

Many thanks

Ginni Wed 29-Oct-08 12:09:52

sorry i posted twice in error

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