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PrettyCandles Wed 09-Mar-05 23:04:46

We gave 4yo ds a wristwatch for Xmas, not expecting him to learn to tell the time but just because we knew that it would please him (which it did). This morning he told me that it was 'a quarter to nine' - and it was, just after! I think he can read most of the o'clocks, but I didn't know that he was picking up the other times as I'm not trying to actively teach him, just answering his questions. I'm so proud of him

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Wed 09-Mar-05 23:06:04

Way to go wee man. Way to go!

helsi Wed 09-Mar-05 23:07:08

How lovely - a really proud moment. DD says its half past four all the time (only 2.3 though so there's time yet!!)

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