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Diarrhoea on and off for 3 weeks HELP PLEASE!

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thewheelsonthebus Tue 28-Oct-08 18:04:32

Hi there,
My 13month DS was vomited 3 saturdays ago and had diarrhea for a few days after. I gave him plain food and watered down milk and it went away. Then I returned to normal food and it came back. I gave him plain food and watered down milk again, and slowly returned to normal over the weekend just gone. He was fine, until last night he was a little sick in the night and now has had diarrhea all day (more frequent than it was before). I am going to take him to the doctor's tomorrow and suggest that they do a test on his poo to see if he's picked a really bad bug up. Am feeling very worried... has anyone got any ideas? I find the doctors have been quite unhelpful so far.

LIZS Tue 28-Oct-08 18:07:10

Sounds like a rotavirus - be scrupulous with hygiene, lots of fluids and perhaps give a probiotic to restore the balance int he gut as it may be oversensitive.

thewheelsonthebus Tue 28-Oct-08 19:00:44

Thanks Lizs.. how / where do I get a probiotic to give him? Also do you know if its usual for bugs like this to keep returning/ not clearing up properly?

LIZS Wed 29-Oct-08 08:24:05

Thnk Boots do one for kids or Holland and Barrett . Also found in "live" yoghurt and added to some cereals. This particular virus comes and goes or he may simply be susceptible to picking up different ones. Otherwise he may have become intolerant of something as a result of a tummy bug and that is what triggers it, perhaps keep a food diary to see what pattern there might be if any.

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