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am so naffed off at the moment. selft indulgant tripe warning

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Tortington Wed 09-Mar-05 20:10:09

my daughter hates me for making her wer hearing aids, she has been sobbing for ages and i have a bit too, my older son strangled my younger son then locked himself in the bathroom for fear or reprocutions from dad then waited for dad to go downstairs then climbed out he bedroom window and ran away. still not come back. i have locked the door.

i was working late and didnt get home til 10pm last night and am nackered.

i only got home at 6pm!!

ta fer listenin

Whizzz Wed 09-Mar-05 20:12:15

oh dear - Sounds like one of those days. Things can only get better ?????!

katierocket Wed 09-Mar-05 20:12:19

ah custy, how horrible. Where do you think older son has gone?
how old is your daughter? (I can't remember)I 'hated' my mum for lots of things when i was younger but it was real hate IFYKWIM - more teenage angst. It must be hard for her I guess.

SenoraPostrophe Wed 09-Mar-05 20:12:49

am tempted to say "what a load of self indulgent old tripe", but I won't because it isn't really.

Aren't children horrible sometimes?

motherinferior Wed 09-Mar-05 20:13:42


pour a drink.

And open the chocolate.

And DON'T give them any.

Tinker Wed 09-Mar-05 20:13:59

I'm listening. Trying to think of something constructive. Nope, can't.

If son's gone more than 4 hours you can ring police?

Daughter doesn't hate you, hates having to wear hearing aid - but you know that anyway.


Tortington Wed 09-Mar-05 22:39:10

awwwwww ta v much feel bit better now - hes still not home, but you have made me laugh

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 09-Mar-05 22:53:51

custy, I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I creased up laughing at your post - It sounds like the day from hell, but your post was so brief and matter of fact, finished off with "ta fer listenin" .

Seriously though - hope your ds returns and tomorrow is a better day!

Blu Wed 09-Mar-05 23:36:25

Good grief! Whatever did he think his dad was going to do to him? Send DH out in the cold to look for him (while you eat chocs and drinlk drink. MI is very wise in these matters)

Tortington Thu 10-Mar-05 15:03:37

just to let you know - he came back at 2 am and slept in the shed. went to school broke down in tears ( tired, scared) we werw called to school used their interview room for a chat went home gave him a cuddle and told him he was still grounded!

bundle Thu 10-Mar-05 15:14:20

tough love

tvresearcher Tue 15-Mar-05 12:56:21

Dear Custardo,

I was just on this site to put an ad in the 'media' section and I saw this thread. I am making a programme where we will be offering advice and coaching with a team of experts to parents who are at their wit's end dealing with nightmare teens. Obviously we're not assigning blame - we acknowledge that parenting is really difficult and want to work with a family to help them live together again.

Now hopefully the other day was a one-off. But if you do feel you'd like to find out more (no committment necessary) please give me a call on 0207 6332512 - I'll be there 'til 6. Or check out our ad in the media section!


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