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Aaarrrrhhh, wwwwhhhhhyyyy, wwwwwhhhhhaaaaa, mmmmmmmhhhhhhnnnnnnn

(11 Posts)
SnoopDog Sat 25-Oct-08 00:14:07

how do i stop the crying?

it is in my ear all the time,

dd had been swopped from the lovely, well natured child that she was to a devil, wind mum up child hmm

what happened?

she is 16 weeks,

her jabs last week seemed to set this off but she is milking it now wink

she was bf (mixed) till week 14,

she is ff now and still wakes 3 times a night (12, 3 and 6) and it is grating me,

any advice?

SnoopDog Sat 25-Oct-08 00:18:59

she is now holding my hand and smiling at me,




but she should be in bed!

and the whining in between the hand holding is too much...

Dragonbutter Sat 25-Oct-08 00:22:46

talk to her about the wedding, maybe you can bore her to sleep wink
seriously i'm going to bed now.
have a good night.

SnoopDog Sat 25-Oct-08 00:24:18

bore her shock




Dragonbutter Sat 25-Oct-08 00:24:59


S1ur Sat 25-Oct-08 00:25:29

Snoop my dear, she is tiny of course she is blardy waking up in the night.

suck. it. up. It'll pass eventually.

SnoopDog Sat 25-Oct-08 00:32:33


i think i may start with the wwwwwwaaaaaahhhh myself then hmm


babies do wear you out dont they grin

i love her,

i would never change her,


her sleeping habits,


S1ur Sat 25-Oct-08 00:37:04

yup they sure do!

SecondComing Sat 25-Oct-08 00:39:35

Enjoy it.
Sounds mental but try to think of it as your own special time. (I told a mum at DS's school today that I enjoyed the night feed with my 29week old, she thought I was madgrin)Do a dream feed before you go to bed and you might only be woken properly once.
How is she napping in the day?

RedOnHerBeheadedHead Sat 25-Oct-08 00:47:46

It's the sleepless nights of DS1 that we look back at and smile about now, but at the time it was awful.
DS2 had only given us 2 sleepless nights since he was born 5mths ago, but I am well aware that that could change all too soon.
skin to skin, lights off maybe?
when i say skin to skin, just un-popper her sleepsuit at the front so when you put her down you can do them up without disturbing her too much.

SnoopDog Sat 25-Oct-08 00:50:45

she naps whenever she pleases,

if i am busy and out and about she sleeps more,

if i am home she whines,

she likes busy and noisy,

she hates boredom,

she sleeps in the car,

she wakes at home,

she is good while on a 'pushchair' outing,

she screeches if kept at home,

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