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not exactly parenting but would appreciate any replies... why would my ds have to go for a second blood test?

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arabella2 Thu 23-Oct-08 13:44:37

Have posted this here as well as in health as not sure how many people frequent that thread...
My ds who is almost 7 is ill (temperature) almost exactly every 3 to 4 weeks. I took him for a blood test a week ago. We have now received a letter telling us to go for another full blood count blood test in a month. I phoned the surgery and have an appointment to talk about this with the doctor next tuesday and also to get the slip for the blood test (at the hospital). On the phone the receptionist listed a whole host of things which were fine but could not get in to the part of the computer for the other results - the things which were missing from her list were white and red blood counts and haemoglobin levels and maybe other things too. The doctor will apparently be able to shed more light. She said if he had something as bad as leukaemia (me worrying aloud) they would have phoned me. Does anybody have any idea why they would want a repeat blood test?

sweeneytodd Thu 23-Oct-08 13:51:43

try not to worry
some GP's like to retest to be on the safe side
my gp has just sent me for retest for diabetes as the first test come back fine


ummadam Sun 26-Oct-08 16:32:11

hiya, sorry for the late reply but we quite often have to repeat blood counts in children who have been unwell as certain blood cell numbers can go down in viral infections. We usually find that if we repeat it a few weeks later when they are better it goes back to normal but if it didn't it would need further investigation. If they didn't expect it to come back normal on the repeat they would have requested it as an urgent test and discussed it with you in more detail.

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