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6 mth old in cot for first time. Is it the right desicion?

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plj Thu 23-Oct-08 08:52:52

I finally took the plunge and moved my 6month old DD into her cot in her own room. Everything fine for 1st week, now she has figured out she has so much space to wriggle about in, that in the mornings, I have found her lying upside down, side to side across the cot, and with her legs dangling out of the side of the cot through the bars. That is the bit that worries me. I am convinced she is going to get her legs stuck and hurt herself. Am I over reacting? Any practical advice? I thought about another set of cot bumpers for the bottom of the cot? Why do the cot bumpers go at the top anyway, when the advice is to put babies at the bottom?

RuthChan Thu 23-Oct-08 19:50:50

Cot bumpers are supposed to be removed after the baby can pull themselves up to standing. They can help the child to climb out of the cot and can therefore be dangerous.
At 6 months, your DD may already be able to pull herself up, or can't be more than a few weeks off.

For a different idea, how about trying her in a sleeping bag? One great advantage, other than keeping her warm however much she moves around, is that her legs will be contained inside it and she won't therefore be able to put them between the bars of the cot.

lauraloola Thu 23-Oct-08 20:27:46

I worry about this aswell as dd is very mobile in her sleep. The way I see it though is if they get themselves into trouble ie get their legs stuck and cant move they will wake up and let you know smile

AnnabelCaramel Thu 23-Oct-08 20:31:13

Grobag grobag grobag.

K999 Thu 23-Oct-08 20:33:46

Echo grobags! And tuckes in with a sheet/light blanket!

ChirpyGhoul Thu 23-Oct-08 20:36:23

ditto grobag

plj Fri 24-Oct-08 07:58:28

DD 3 monts prem, so not yet pulling herself up. Had discussion with MIL about cot bumpers. She liked them, so bought some and put them on when she bought the cots. I do worry about them, so will be removing them soon.
Will look for grobags.

The only shops near me are Asda, Tesco or Dunnes. Would I get them there? Any web sites that I could look at?

bikerunski Fri 24-Oct-08 14:21:24

I have a George at Asda "grobag" and I reckon it is good as the actual Grobag grobags iyswim.

Egg Fri 24-Oct-08 14:25:56

My DS2 still gets his legs out through the bars even in his grobag, but it means they are more "padded" and so less hurt for him! After a few nights of him yelling when he got stuck he has realised it is not really worth the excitement of poking his legs through.

I can never work out cot bumpers. Dangerous for newborns incase they somehow get under them and suffocate, dangerous for babies who can stand as they might use them to help lever themselves over the edge. Why do they exist?

plj Sat 25-Oct-08 10:15:20

I agree about the confusion with cot bumpers. When you go to places like Mothercare and Babies R us,all the cots on display have cot bumpers. I only thought about the possible dangers from talking to other mums-it's not something any professional (My health visitor included)has mentioned.

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