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2yr old and 1 yr old not eating properly, what can i do

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diddle Tue 21-Oct-08 10:31:57

My 1 year old has started to refuse me spoon feeding him unless its his breakfast, which is making mealtimes vry difficult. he will only eat certain finger foods, ands they have to be cut up to small squares, like pea sized so he can pop them in his mouth with lots of ease.
He will eat certain veg but not others, he won't eat meat.
If he dosn't want or like something it goes straight over the side of his highchair.

My 2 year old has started to shout at the dinner table,tip his food off the plate, throw his plate on the floor. Many evenings he'll not eat tea at all, and i know he'll eat when he's hungry.

They do both have snacks in the day but if they don't have them then they are a nightmare to control, they get ratty and unhappy. they don't have unhealthy snacks though, fruit raisins etc.

What can i do or should i ignore it and just carry on trying to encourage them

mrsruffallo Tue 21-Oct-08 10:34:57

I would let my 1 yr old eat with his hands or try spoon feeding himself- let him get stuck in and experiment
The 2 yr old is responing to stress. I think you need to let them get messy, make it fun (fruit/pizza faces etc)
Failing that I would give him small portions but have more availiable if requested and lots of praise, plus choo choo into the tunnel games

mumof2andabit Tue 21-Oct-08 13:00:58

My ds was exactly like that with regard to the spoon feeding except it was from 8 months. We had grilled sausages cut in half lengthwise, toasties are a great one as wel because you can hide loads of horrible stuff like veg and meat in the them! Even at 2 my ds does not eat a lot. If we are a table unless he is really hungry he will barely touch his food. However if I let him have a film on (jungle book etc) while he eats the plate is always clean as I turn the film off if he misbehaves with his food.
*hides from bad mummy to let child watch tv comments*

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