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House-bound things to do with a poxy 1 year old?

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HensMum Mon 20-Oct-08 18:09:09

DS has chicken pox. Spots started coming up a couple of days ago and GP confirmed it today.

So, that probably means about a week with no contact with other kids, which is going to mean one very bored DS.

What can we do with him?! He'll play with his toys, supervised or not, for a while. He's learning to walk and likes to cruise around furniture and empty drawers, but I can't see any of those activities taking up whole days! I've never been great at thinking up fun things for him to do at home and have relied on lots of activities during the week.

Also, how much contact with other kids is acceptable? We were thinking park would be OK, swimming and mother and baby group not OK, but what about visits to the library etc?

DLI Mon 20-Oct-08 18:22:05

mmm, that is a hard one! what about long baths for him to splash about in, with rubber ducks etc. or just wrap him up and take him out in his pushchair and go for a walk for an hour - it will keep you fit as well. when I was at home for a while i used to get up, have breakfast, let them play with toys until you were dressed, and cleaned up which by that time it was 10ish and then go for a walk, i am sure it won't hurt caling into the local shops whilst you are out and you could even spend ten mins in the toy sections testing out the toys, showing him all the different colours etc by the time you get home its time for lunch and then a nap (if he still has naps) then let him play with his toys again and cause chaos! then its teatime and bed! i did this every other day! other things are reading books with him, and just join in playing with him, let him show you what he wants to do! sorry not much help other than!

lizziemun Mon 20-Oct-08 19:14:20


DD2 (13mth) has chicken pox, i'm just doing what she wants at the mo. Spots started on friday so by tomorrow she should be getting the last today and should start scabbing over tomorrow.

I was told by gp when dd1 had them 2 weeks ago once the spots have scrabbed over then she was ok to go back to school.

FeelingLucky Mon 20-Oct-08 19:20:13

You could have a chickenpox party ... seriously! Some Mums might want the chickenpox thing over and done grin

HensMum Mon 20-Oct-08 20:13:08

FeelingLucky, we are considering that! Might have already accidentally had one though as it was DS's first birthday last week and we had a party last weekend...

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