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How much does your 4 m.o. cry?

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kiLLf Mon 20-Oct-08 14:17:37

Can I take a straw poll of how many minutes a day an average MN baby cried?

Every minute feels like an hour when he does cry... but I want to get a bit of perspective on whether I'm doing OK or not. I used to carry him around every where in a sling. Moved on from that - I was getting exhausted.

He's 4.5 m.o. , not firstborn (i.e. has to compromise sometimes). In good health and normally chilled and cheerful. Crying generally when sleepy/ in the process of getting to sleep.

Boyswillbeboys Mon 20-Oct-08 14:33:42

DS1 cried almost constantly until he was about 3 months! Very colicky and just generally fractious. DS2 was a doddle, hardly ever seemed to(or maybe I just took less notice cos I was too busy running around after DS1!!)

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