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Any advice on how to handle my now pita 3 year old who is missing her brothers now they're at big school????

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MilaMae Fri 17-Oct-08 20:18:59

My d twins started school in Sep dd is now a nightmare.

Everything is a battle and she wanders round the house asking when we're picking her boys up hmmWon't settle to anything,wants my attention all the time.

What to do?????

Fennel Fri 17-Oct-08 22:08:29

My dd3 is like this, very hard to entertain while her two sisters are at school. I think it's partly because neither of us is used to the one-adult-one-child dynamic which so many people are very used to - my first two children were very close together. So dd3 doesn't know how to entertain herself alone and I don't really bother to do stuff with her cos I'm used to her sisters entertaining her.

For us it was only one day a week as I worked the other days but my solution was to up her preschool hours and my work hours. We were both happier. She had children to play with and I wasn't being yelled at all day.

ghosty Fri 17-Oct-08 22:12:41

DD and I go out most mornings to get rid of her 'boredom energy' ... Parks/swings/playgroups/swimming/people's houses etc etc. Then home at lunchtime (say 12.30), then she seems pretty chilled until 3 when we set off for pick up.
I try to stay home one morning a week - I feel it important she learns to be bored at home, sounds strange but she does seem to think up stuff to do after initial moaning.
I don't tend to give in to the 'wanting my attention all the time' thing ... I did that with DS and he still finds it hard to entertain himself and he is nearly 9 blush

MilaMae Sun 19-Oct-08 23:09:11

Thanks for that smile

My 3 are really close and I think she's missing them quite badly, she's regressed a bit on the toilet front(wet pants) too, just won't settle and is generally being a mare. She does 4 sessions so don't want to up it(she's my last) but last week I could happily have booked her in full time if it was possible grin I think the boredom factor is good but crikey she's hard work at the moment.

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