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4 month old arching back and stiffening during feeding...

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Orissiah Fri 17-Oct-08 15:47:03

Until two weeks ago my baby had no problems feeding. She's been on formula (Aptimil) since birth and never had colic and began sleeping through the night around 10 weeks old. For the past two weeks she's begun stiffening up, arching her back, going red, grunting and crying out when feeding her. She takes around 100ml before she does this. And yet when I put her flat on her back on the changing mat or bed she will happily finish off much of her bottle (170-210mls). Very odd.

She looks like she is struggling to fart alot during these episodes.

She is happy lying down horizintal on her back so I didn't think it was reflux. She's healthy and good weight and very contented most of the time.

She has now started to have arching/grunting episodes when sitting in her pushchair.

She is still sleeping well.

Do you think this is a development phase. My DH thinks it's just digestive changes as her body prepares her for solids later on...

Your experiences and thoughts much appreciated.


imjustacheshirecat Fri 17-Oct-08 16:35:38

Think I've got something similar with my 8mth dd only it's not related to feeding.
She started doing this grunting, holding her breath/ straining/ tensing up thing around the same age and she always does it before going to sleep.
We affectionately call it "scrunching" and she often holds something to her face while doing it before sleeping.
(I've made it sound more weird instead of trying to shed any light on it but i often wonder what she's doing although i'm not worried)

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