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The "AWWWWWW" Files

(6 Posts)
Jacksmama Thu 16-Oct-08 16:48:39

What is the cutest, most adorable thing you've seen your husband/ partner do with your child(ren)?
This morning, while I was getting ready to go to work, I put my 8-month-old in the short hallway between my bathroom and our bedroom. It has mirrored closets on both sides, so we call it "The Hall of Mirrors" (like in the Harry Potter book, LOL). My little guy LOVES playing with "the baby in the mirror". (The other day I caught him on his knees, hands flat against the mirror, smooching the baby in the mirror - PMSL!!!) I was drying my hair and my husband got down on the floor to play with Jack for a minute, and the next thing I knew he'd spilled all of Jack's bath toys on the floor, lined them up and was explaining American football to Jack, using the dinosaurs as players!! Jack was completely absorbed in what my husband was saying, head cocked over to the side and watching very carefully... ADORABLE!!!!

Bleedodgy Thu 16-Oct-08 16:54:11

Aww lol. My lo has just started crawling properly. He's my third but the other two only commando crawled then walked without ever doing the 'proper' crawl iyswim. Ds2 however does the full on proper crawl and he's everywhere. Yesterday evening he was already for bed in his white babygrow crawling around bum in the air and I had one of those melt your heart moments. grin

Bleedodgy Thu 16-Oct-08 16:57:16

JUst realised I completley missed the first line of the OP and have not mentioned my dp at all!

Jacksmama Thu 16-Oct-08 18:10:56

LOL, oh well... we can add "what is the cutest thing you've seen your child(ren) do... bet we'll get a few answers. I know what you mean about crawling bum in the air... Jack has been properly crawling on hands and knees for one week now and when I take my eyes off him for a minute I'm likely to turn back and see a little diapered bottom disappearing down the hallway!

MummyDoIt Thu 16-Oct-08 18:14:24

When DS1 was just a couple of weeks old, DH kissed us good-bye as he left for work and said, "good-bye, family". Really hit home at that moment that we were a family, not just a couple anymore! I'll never forget that.

DS1 gave me a real awwww moment this week. I got my shopping list out at Tesco to find that he'd written 'I love you' on the back of it.

mooki Sun 19-Oct-08 21:37:22

One of DH's college friends is having her first baby - he wrote the following in an email to her. I know he feels like this, but seeing it written down to tell someone else was just so, so lovely I asked him to send me the mail too. It also contains reference to recent cuteness from DD.

"DD's first year has felt like no hardship at all for me - it's been a complete joy. She's hilarious, affectionate, and doesn't half cheer you up if you have a crap work day surrounded by morons - makes everything else seem much less serious. I'll qualify that, obviously, by noting that I didn't have to breastfeed her in the night for months and months, even though it did wake me up… But that, and the clearing up of shite, and yoghurt handprints on all my clothes, and bags of crap to carry round, and scheduling around her naps and meals, and everything else… have been no trouble at all in the light of how it makes me snigger just thinking about her (for instance, today DW got stopped by a fellow cyclist as she biked DD home - he'd had to stop for a minute to crack up as when DW indicated left, this little hand came out of the baby seat indicating the same direction, and thought he should tell DW as she obviously didn't know DD did this). Best thing in the world."

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