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*warning* wii numchucks are dangerous.....

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idobelieveinghosts Thu 16-Oct-08 13:42:15

..if left on the floor.....ds fell out of his bed (not asleep) on to one that was left out....blood everywhere.....4 stitches in his head...twas not nice at 6.30 in the morning......

please make sure they are put away at all times!!!!!!

but of course..any number of things can cause injuries like this.....was a shocker of an alarm call though..the first thing he asked is he was going to die ..poor love.

He goes back later today to have the stitches out..he has been quite proud of them though.

GhostlySinCity Thu 16-Oct-08 13:46:34

How old is he? hope he's feeling better

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