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Please share your tips for dealing with a miserable teething 14 month old who wakes very early

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naturelover Thu 16-Oct-08 07:49:39

DD 14 months, generally good sleeper, breastfed, usually sleeps 7pm till 6.30/7am in her own room in a cot.

For the last 3 weeks she's been waking much earlier, usually before 6am. Sometimes nearer 5 than 6. Crying and unhappy. Probably teething - poor thing has 13 teeth already. If she wakes after 5.30am then for her the day has begun, so we get up (yawn).

The last few days she's woken at 4am, but with some Calpol and some boob she's eventually gone down for another hour or so.

We're reluctant to bring her into our bed because we don't wish to co-sleep.

Is it a bad habit to breastfeed her when she wakes at 4am, to get her back to sleep?

Her napping is also all over the shop. The long days with no real guarantee of a break are wearing me out completely. I feel totally run down (have just had hideous cold, have a blocked milk duct) and there's no one to help with childcare and DH works long hours.

We've been using Calpol, Teetha granules and Calgel for the teething. Sometimes Medised although to be honest falling asleep is not the problem, she usually goes straight down at 7pm.


naturelover Thu 16-Oct-08 10:05:41


J2O Thu 16-Oct-08 10:20:22

snap. not sure what to do though, tbh, i sometimes leave mine to cry after i've done everything i can (calpol, teething gel, nappy change) could you off lo a drink of water?

andiem Thu 16-Oct-08 10:26:09

nature lover have her daytime naps gone pear shaped with mine I think getting daytime sleep right is very imporatnt for night time sleeping
ds2 is 15mts and a bit under the weather at the moment so he has reverted back to two sleeps again after dropping one
have you tried putting her down at regular intervals in the day to see if she will go off to sleep?

naturelover Thu 16-Oct-08 10:40:46

For daytime naps I keep a close eye on signs of tiredness and then try to get her down. But at the moment I feel like I'm misreading signs or something because she can look absolutely exhausted and then not nap at all. It can take three different attempts before she'll actually nap.

Until recently she had two naps a day, and now that she's over one I expected her to drop one so that's fine. At the moment there is no pattern as far as I can tell.

I'm sure it's just a phase but I feel so worn out and a bit depressed by it all.

andiem Thu 16-Oct-08 11:26:10

nature lover I know what you mean they keep changing and catching you out grin

sometimes I put ds2 in the cot even when he doesn't seem that tired and he drops off
have you tried just doing set nap times and leaving her in the cot even if she doesn't go to sleep?

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