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Sick of DS

(5 Posts)
MrsSnape Tue 14-Oct-08 15:34:35

So DS1 comes home tonight and says "btw, the hardest kid in the school is going to 'batter' me tomorow".

I said "why"

he said "I don't know, something to do with DS2".

By the sounds of it, DS2 has been working his gob AGAIN and caused MORE TROUBLE and I'm sick to death of him.

There, I said it.

MrsSnape Tue 14-Oct-08 18:52:14

*rubs out slightly psyco thread*

Tryharder Wed 15-Oct-08 00:38:15

Hope your DS1 is OK tomorrow Mrs Snape.

How come this kid doesn't batter your DS2 instead if he is the cause of the all the trouble????

MrsSnape Wed 15-Oct-08 10:46:38


I think they pick of DS1 as they know he's less likely to retaliate than DS2. If someone threatened to batter DS2, he'd be stood there basically saying "bring it on" hmm

DS1 is much more sensible. Plus, DS2 is only 7 so I suppose an 11 year old is likely to want to hold on to a bit of credibility at least.

I stayed in the car park this morning and watched the kids playing and DS1 seemed engrossed in a game of block. The other kid was in the playground too but never went near him, not sure if this was because he knew I was still around or not.

Tryharder Wed 15-Oct-08 11:23:29

The boy who threatened your DS1, Mrs Snape, should be EMBARRASSED for allowing himself to get wound up by a 7 year old!!!!!

Look at it this way, your 7yo might be a bit bolshy but at least he's never going to get bullied.

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