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DS in trouble at school again, should I leave it or investigate?

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MrsSnape Mon 13-Oct-08 18:01:45

DS (7) came out of school today and said he'd been in 'loads' of trouble today, sent to the deputy head office and everything...all because he 'fell over' in PE hmm I asked if he'd "fallen into someone else" by "accident" and he said no. Normally if he's lying, he'll have a grin on his face but this time he didn't. He said he lost his balance and the teacher went mad and said he wasn't following instructions.

Should I just assume there is more to it and 'leave it' or ask the teacher about it tomorow? I don't want to over-react but hate him getting into trouble constantly when some of the time, its not him but he gets blamed because of his reputation.

MOrticiaAdams Mon 13-Oct-08 18:14:07

Generally, if there really is a problem, the school would ask to see you, but if it keeps happening, I don't think it unreasonable to make a quick phone call. As you say, it may be something and nothing, but equally, it might be something you can help to sort.

fumf Mon 13-Oct-08 18:20:53

it is really hard.
My ds is always blamed for talking in class, because he does have a problem with not knowing when it is time to shut up and sit down...and he is really rreally trying to control himself. but now it has got to the point where the teacher says things like ''Jimmy, I know that's you talking so shut up'' when he (the teacher) has his back to the class and it was, in fact, a girl talking or something.
Ds knows he has a problem with being distracted (and therefore distracting) but it is very disheartening for him when it is just assumed it was him.

I have read many of your other threads MrsS, so I am aware of your on-going problem. Presumably, the school don't hesitate to tell you when something very serious has happened, so i'd be tempted to let this one lie, but do you have a parents' evening coming up which you could flag up this issue?
There is nothing worse than a child becmong a scapegoat, and sometimes other children are quick to spot opportunities to get another 'known troublemaker' into even more trouble

DevilishDisasterArea Mon 13-Oct-08 18:26:20

DD2 is just the same. always the naghty one or the one told off for chattering. yes she does have a bad streak and does chatter but really feels the injustice of being blamed when actually it is not her doing the talking. also the other children know exactly how to wind her up and do so to see the reaction. i did mention it to last years teacher and she suggested some strategies to separate the worst offenders in class.
perhaps you could find out if it is any particular children getting him into trouble or the other half of the chattering?

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