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recommendations for a WOW all singing dancing cot mobile please?

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happylarry Mon 13-Oct-08 16:39:40

We had a crap one from toys r us for ds, sister is allocated to get the cot mobile but don't know what one to get, ideally one that has lights and music....


Thankyouandgoodnight Mon 13-Oct-08 19:34:09

We have this one and it's fabulous. No lights but it has music and the whole rotates round slowly, which makes the animals spin too and things slide down along it's arms....

2boys2 Mon 13-Oct-08 19:43:34

we have a vtech one. its the baby bear 7037031&rh=p%5F4%3AVTech%2Cp%5F36%3A

it really good and activates with noise.

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