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Is it normal for 9 year old boys to act like Kevin the Teenager?

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MrsSnape Sun 12-Oct-08 09:49:42

My 9 year old so is grumpy, snappy and 'arsey' all the time. If I shout of him he screams "WHAT????" down the stairs. If his little brother says something interesting (example of this was yesterday when he said the bigfoot was a human that han't evolved from a pre-historic man properly, he's only 7) DS rolled his eyes and responded with "oh my god, such crap, ITS NOT REAL!" sad

Yesterday we took them to town for their tea in yankee land and DS had a face like a smacked bottom all day. He was constantly snapping at everyone and then asked my mum why she didn't use proper grammer whilst speaking to him on msn and was it really too much to ask that people use proper English! shock

Last week he asked if he could dye his hair black for school, I said no so before he went out, he did it himself anyway with a black dye gel.

He's turning into such an unlikeable person. He used to be bullied and that went on from nursery up until year 3 at school but last year went fine and this year he has more friends and is more popular than he's ever been. I've started letting him walk to school with his mates on his own in a morning and go to a youth club etc...he's still doing his karate twice a week...

My mum thinks its karate making him 'cocky', are all 9 year olds like this? what the hell is he going to be like at 14??

Other than this, he's not naughty at school, is sensible and mature when given responsibility and is not allowed to 'hang around' on the streets like most of his is this his way of rebelling?

tribpot Sun 12-Oct-08 10:04:13

I think it probably is normal if my two oldest nephews are anything to go by. The older one (now twelve) went through a major arsey phase a couple of years ago and now the younger one has taken up the mantle and the older one improved quite a lot.

LOL at asking your mum to use proper grammar, a boy after my own heart (albeit I would tell him off for being cheeky to his gran).

childrenofthecornsilk Sun 12-Oct-08 10:05:51

oh thank god I'm not the only one! My ds (now 10) is also like Kevin the teenager. I'd quite like to show him some clips so that he could see how ridiculous his behaviour is but that might give him ideas, so maybe not.

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