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My DS (age 2) hurt his neck today, I'm really stressed about it, especially as it was my fault

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crokky Wed 08-Oct-08 18:14:13

We went to a play area thingy. There was a bit with soft things for toddlers to climb and there was a ball pit. (DS is 2.6).

DS dived head first over the little soft wall that divides the balls from the rest of the play area. He didn't put his hands out to break his fall and it was a powerful dive so he landed on the front of his neck and his back and legs somersaulted over his head and neck - front of neck still on floor. Essentially his neck was really bent back, it looked horrible and he was really shocked and whimpered. He didn't cry, but shortly ran off to play again. I was standing near him, but had moved a few feet away from DS to hand my bag to DH as it was flapping about.

He seems himself, but I am worried and upset especially as I should have caught him.

TheProvincialLady Wed 08-Oct-08 18:22:26

It sounds like you were more hurt than he was TBH. He would have cried if it had really hurt - it was probably more shock than anything. Toddlers are amazingly bendysmile

TsarChasm Wed 08-Oct-08 18:24:08

Please don't blame yourself.

Children dive in all directions especially at that age. He hurt himself sad yes, but he's ok. Poor little chap. If you are at all worried don't hesitate ti take him for a check up at the doctor to put your mind at rest. He might be a bit achey for a day or two.

I know how awful you feel; really I do. That feeling you must catch them when they fall over either literally or metaphorically never goes away.

Sometimes you just can't catch them and they learn what they need to from it. We feel so horrible because we love them so much. It's being a mummy unfortunately.

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