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Advice re 9 yr old falling out with friend

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MrsEwanMcGregor Wed 08-Oct-08 12:08:20

My dd is 9. She has been through the usual falling out with friends before and I have found it best to lend a listening ear, try not to apportion balme and let it blow over.

However she is having alot of trouble recently with one particular male friend being really nasty to her and accusing her of all sorts of things which she swears are not true. Have let it go for a couple of weeks but she has come home in tears 4 times in last week or so. He is saying that she is asking older kids to beat him up - that she pushes him out of the line when they are going in to school - things like that. Yesterday he pushed her over and stood on her leg and later hit her across the head with the spine of a book.

I am not a parent who thinks her child is a goody two shoes who never does anything wrong but she swears she has done nothing to him. ((She is a rubbish fibber!) Friends have also reported things to the teacher and school have moved him away from her in class. Spoke to the teacher yesterday who said he was causing probs in class. My difficulty is that I am good friends with his Mum and I am not sure whether to mention it or leave it. I hate the whole kids falling out thing when parents are friends but it has never been this bad. Any advice?

OldLadyKnowsNothing Wed 08-Oct-08 17:15:21

If his mum is a good friend of yours, talk to her and find out if there's anything going on at home that might be unsettling him. At least let her know he's "acting out" - has the school been in touch with her at all?

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