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FrogPrincess and the Club Penguin mystery ban

(8 Posts)
FrogPrincess Tue 07-Oct-08 19:00:56

DD has been a member on club penguin for a couple of years and it is v popular at school. Some of her friends have her username and password as they sometimes help each other earn coins, etc.
Yesterday when she came home (late as extra activities), she found out that she had been banned (probably in the last hour or so). She was very upset and it was clear that this had nothing to do with her. We told her not to start suspecting people as it was impossible to tell who had done this.
We phoned the club penguin people today and found out that a swear word had been said by her penguin both on saturday (we were out all day and the computer was off) and Monday pm when we were out, so she had been banned automatically.
She has now changed her password and knows that she mustn't tell it to anyone in future. We also said that whoever did this was just looking for a cheap thrill and not intending to hurt her, and to forget about it.
However I must say that I would love to know who did this and I hate to think that the perpetrator will get away with it. But I don't want to ruin any friendships either.
What would you do?

FrogPrincess Tue 07-Oct-08 19:02:37

oops forgot to say I have to go make dinner and stuff but will check later on your wise words

christywhisty Tue 07-Oct-08 20:53:24

Same happened to DD, it wasn't any of her friends.

FrogPrincess Tue 07-Oct-08 22:05:55

did you find out what/how it happened?

christywhisty Tue 07-Oct-08 23:04:16

From what I can gather someone hacked her
got her banned for swearing. She is sure none of her friends knew her password.

FrogPrincess Wed 08-Oct-08 09:44:52

ok, so it could be a complete stranger targeting her penguin at random then?

any thoughts anyone?

<obviously not a riveting subject>

annh Wed 08-Oct-08 10:05:26

I think it's an early lesson in not sharing your password and username for anything. Maybe none of her friends swore on the site but they may have been overheard by an older child exchanging details in the playground, one of her friends may have written the details down where they were discovered by an older sibling, someone may have logged on as her at home and left the programme running - there are lots of possibilities. I don't think you will ever find out what happened and trying to do so will only upset her friends and their parents.

FrogPrincess Wed 08-Oct-08 10:37:35

thanks annh. I came to the same conclusion, and I think you're absolutely right of course. That's also what I said to dd. It is still unpleasant to have that lingering doubt at the back of your head...

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