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OMG there was a well sexy dad in DS's music group this morning! Is it awful that I couldn't stop looking?

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ILikeYourSleeves Tue 07-Oct-08 18:46:37

Yes, yummmmmMMMY! There have never been any dads at anything I go to baby wise but today the dad was there of a little boy and OMG I couldn't concentrate on my DS or the music! He seemed really nice, was singing along to the songs, had a lovely stubble thing going on and seemed to enjoy myself. I thought it was really sweet, my DH wouldn't be seen dead at a baby group with a bunch of women! Said man has been popping in and out of my thoughts all day wink

Is the sexy dad a rarity or have any of you had any encounters?

ILikeYourSleeves Tue 07-Oct-08 18:47:40

Freudian slip!!!

Enjoy himself


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