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my 1 year old is having tantrums!!

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emma1405 Mon 06-Oct-08 20:24:28

my 15 moth old has started having regular tantrums when he can't have his own way. I no children have tantrums but my main concern is he has started to purposely bash his head againt solid things such as the floor and doors. Im very concerned and not sure what to do . Can anyone help?

BigBadMousey Tue 07-Oct-08 15:47:46

Does it almost immediately get your attention when he does it? If so then that is why he is doing it.

DD2 tried this one so I swiflty plonked her in her cot and left her to it - she couldn't do much damage there and soon realised it wasn't helping her get her own way. However I don't like using a cot for anything other than a place to relax, feel safe and sleep but DD2s spell of this coincided with major house renovations and I had no other safe place to put her at the time. You could maybe set up a travel cot in the lounge or put him in a room where the floors are softer etc.

IME there is no one best way to tackle tantrums - it depends on the child's personality. What worked well for my DD1 made DD2 worse.

IMO the first route to take is to try and distract him before he really gets going or to word things so that he doesn't quite realise he isn't getting his own way. It all takes practice and is very much trial and error but bu the time he is two I reckon you'll be an expert wink

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