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Feels like a constant battle with my ex and his new partner.

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HelenLM Mon 06-Oct-08 18:33:28

Well where to start, i guess i just need to let off steam, and see if anyone has any advice for me.

My ex and i split 2 years ago, it was a mutual decision, and as amicable as these things can be i suppose. Things were going along nicely until he moved his new partner into the house, this in itself caused problems, as he introduced her to our children the same weekend he moved her in, and she's been there ever since.

We had an arrangement that worked really well, the children would walk back to his house after school, then he would bring them back to me at tea time, so they could see him every day, and they also stay at his on saturday nights.

ONce hte new girlfriend moved in, there was a major atmosphere, the children dont really like her, but still want to see their dad as much as possible, so they go along with things. Though if something happens, such as the other day our little boy came home and said he didn't want to go to his dads house anymore because he kept getting pushed out of the room his dad and new partner were in, usually the bedroom and sent downstairs on his own so they could talk, hes only 6, so doesnt really understand why adults should do this, and infact i can't see why if its stuff they have to talk about , they can't do it when he's not there. I told this to their dad yesterday because my little one was too scared to tell him himself, and didn't want to get into trouble.

But then today, my little boy came home, and said he does want to go back to going to his dad's every day, and only said that last week to get some attention. Now i dont know about you, but this is not something a 6 yr old says, that he was doing it for attention unless a grown up had told him that.

It transpires that after i spoke to their father yesterday he went back and told his ex what i'd said, and they promply set upon our little boy today to find out why he didn't want to go round there anymore.

This woman is a complete stirrer, and has said apparently my little boy only said he didn't want to go round to get attention from ME, which is complete rubbish , as i'm always told i give him too much attention.

She constantly puts words into the kids mouths and "bullies" them into admitting stuff that is not right.

I really dont want to stop my children seeing their dad, as i firmly believe children deserve both parents, but this situation is going from bad to worse each week, with the children bearing hte brunt of it

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