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Families of 4 -do you have 2 older dc and 2 younger dc? Tell me how you find it...

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jennifersofia Fri 03-Oct-08 21:01:34

Could potentially have age gaps of 19mths (dc1&2) then 5 yrs, then 15mths. Don't know how it would be.
While it would be nice for dc3 to have a sibling who is close in age, I am worried about the lack of attention to the older two. As it is, they are left to just 'get on with it' a fair bit (they are 7.5 & 6). They seem okay with it, and they really adore their smallest sister. Also I think it might be very tough to go back to having a toddler and a baby (getting around with all 4 on my own and no car, also physical toll on the body, etc.)
How has it been for you? Have you ever regretted having dc4?

UniversallyChallenged Fri 03-Oct-08 21:16:51

I have similar situation to what you describe - older ones 15,13,10 then little ones 4 and 3.

The 4 year old would be a little lonely on own and we have often been so thankful that we planned our 3 year old asap after. He's an absolute cutey too and is so easy, it's lovel having 2 little ones together. Hope all goes well with your choices xx

mum2boys2girls Fri 03-Oct-08 21:38:53

my fab four works really well!! ds1 is 14 ds2 is 12 dd1 is 6 and dd2 is 20 mths they all get on sooo well we didn't really plan on age gaps more when it was right for us to extend our family !! we are thinking of adding maybe one more addition wink i make sure i have fun days out with the older two and also fun days for the little ones!!!!and of course the family days out tooo

bumpybecky Sat 04-Oct-08 01:07:52

We've got dd1 (10) and dd2 (8) who are 2y 5 days apart, then dd3 (3) who is 4y9m younger than dd2, then ds (9mo) who is 2y11m younger than dd3 (hope that makes sense!). I've also not got a car (well we have as a family, but I don't drive, so do all school / playgroups runs on foot.

To be brutally honest I think dd1&2 are left to get on with it a bit! but I suspect they'd have been given more independance anyway, regardless of younger siblings.

I found going from 1 child to 2 the hardest jump. I had mild PND with #2 and it was tough going for a while. Having a third the fourth child has had challenging days hmm but they've been difficult days rather than weeks. I honestly do not regret #4 and have only briefly (in middle of the night after being screamed at for over an hour!) questioned my sanity in having him.

The older two girls love having younger siblings. It seems to work quite well having 2+2 as there are very few occasions when anyone feels left out, either activities suitable for older two, or younger two, or all of them.

Sorry - waffling now! good luck whatever you decide

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