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help, i need urgent advice

(2 Posts)
lilyxox Thu 02-Oct-08 23:14:34

my ex partner is using my eldest child as a weapon, (eldest having severe learning difficulties) my eldest being 13 living with his dad now abuses me the way his dad did the entire time we were together while his dad sits there laughing in the background. Unfortunately my middle child who is also my ex's child heard the abuse for the very first time and is now refusing to have anythin to do with her father or her brother. (she's 9yrs) we have jst bn thru a rocky court case where i again stated that she was to have contact every other weekend etc... over night contact when she was ready to follow.. but she's refusing point blank, i asked my ex why he let my son spk to me in this way he laughed and said i'd deserved it...where do i stand as a mother?? i'm so confused right now and my poor husband doesnt know what to do or say in case i break down.

TequilaMockinBird Thu 02-Oct-08 23:21:50

I have no advice for you but couldnt read your post and not reply.

My DD sometimes speaks to me in the same way her dad (my xp) used to and it is awful sad

Hopefully somebody else with some advice will be along soon. I will also be watching with interest.

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