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ds and friends discluding this girl from play how do I deal with it

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crazyashell Thu 02-Oct-08 09:54:48

My ds plays with 2 brothers and 1 girl in our street they are all roughly the same age between 6 and 9.
My neighbour next door has a dd 8yo who now wants to join in with them but the others are being nasty and not letting her play and of course my ds is going along with it as well.
This dd's mom who I get on with well as a neighbour told me what was going on at the school as her dd and my ds go to the same school, she said they were refusing to let her play and she had came in upset by it.
She also said that her dd had told her that my ds had said she couldn,t come into our back garden to play with everyone else as I myself had said that I don,t want anymore than 4 children in my garden or house this is a complete lie and did say to my neighbour that I would never say that and would never leave a child out like that.
My neighbour is a very nice person and was very polite about it and said that she knew that I would not say something like that.
I questioned my ds about it and he said that he had said it and he said that nobody likes her and they don,t want her to play.
How do I deal with a situation like this should I be encouraging them to let her play I would hate it if my ds was being treated like this is there something I should be doing.

electra Thu 02-Oct-08 10:04:04

Well you have two issues - the fact he lied about you and also the bullying - but I think the lie should be dealt with in a way you see fit.

If I were you I would have a talk to him about bullying - ask him how he would feel if he was the one left out and treated unkindly by the others.

Actually if it were my child I would say she couldn't go out and play if she continued to go along with the bullying but that's just me - I know from my own experience how damaging bullying is to a person's psychological well being.

An alternative way to deal with this would be to get all the children in a room with their parents and ask them all to explain what is going on and why...

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