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for those with more than one dc, have you raised them all the same?

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mollythetortoise Wed 01-Oct-08 16:39:44

thinking more of the early years really. often hear people say they treat all their dc's equally , were all raised the same way etc so was thinking about my own two and so far they have had quite different early years.
My dd (born 2003):-
long difficult birth (VB)
did not bond till she was 3 months
breastfed for 2 months
I was v anxious new mum, and did not enjoy motherhood
she was colicky/ cried a lot, (so did I)
back at work 3 days a week when dd 6months
childminder 3 days a week
did controlled crying with her (unsuccesfully which I regret)
pureed her food
did lots of M&T groups/ music classes

my ds (born 2007):-
easy peasy lovely birth (VB)
bonded straight away
formula fed from birth (as I was v. ill last time and was worried it would hapen again)
went back to work when he was 10 months - 4 days a week
nursery 2 days a week
loved loved loved his newborn days/ first year
BLW (most meals)
no M&T groups and no baby classes

as you can see, quite different starts.. I was obviously older and wiser the second time and they both benefit from me being a much better mother now but I wonder what affect if any these things will have had on my dc's personalities (in particular my dd).

have others raised theirs the same or differently?

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