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boys clothes are boring!

(33 Posts)
sillysillysally Sat 27-Sep-08 21:48:48

I'm fed up with boring boring boys clothes. I'm particularly fed up that they slogans are all "cheeky monkey" "little rascal" "little monster", negative stuff. Anywhere where I can buy some nice stuff- other than Boden which is so expensive.

littlelapin Sat 27-Sep-08 21:52:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hotpotmama Sat 27-Sep-08 21:53:13

I was just saying the same thing to my mum today how boys clothes are so negative with all the monster, trouble etc slogans!

Glad its not just me that thinks that.

Think there's a market for positive slogans on boys clothes!!

thirtysomething Sat 27-Sep-08 22:07:45

I hate all the skull and cross bones thingies in Next - just don't want DS wearing that! What age you looking for? Pumpkin Patch great clothes but not everywhere in UK just larger cities. I also like George at ASDA and Tesco and Sainsburys boys clothes - all nice up to about age 6-7. After that I buy sports clothes from JJB as they're hard wearing,plainish and no nasty sogans!

georgimama Sat 27-Sep-08 22:09:26

Would second Pumpkin Patch.

Adams usually have some good stuff, as do Tesco and Sainsbury's in amongst the tat. What age are you looking for?

Verbaudet also good.

PortAndLemon Sat 27-Sep-08 22:09:40

Trebuchet Sat 27-Sep-08 22:13:57

Also look at DPAM, french stuff a bit like Vertbaudet so you view each collection but they're not expensive and are v v sweet

hatrick Sat 27-Sep-08 22:15:18

Message withdrawn

PortAndLemon Sat 27-Sep-08 22:38:56

Although both of those can run a bit pricey.

NotAnOtter Sat 27-Sep-08 22:41:19

no problemo!

PortAndLemon Sat 27-Sep-08 22:45:45

<notices from Trebuchet's post that DPAM now seem to ship to the UK and does happy dance>

(have previously stocked up on trips to France)

geraldinetheluckygoat Sat 27-Sep-08 22:52:26

I got ds1 a lovely pair of jeans in tesco today, with a red car outline stitched on back pocket....when i got them home, I noticed "BORN TO BE NAUGHTY" badge on the waistband angry, I swear, everything in there today, and "aren't I disgusting" type phrases on them, it really makes me cross.

H and M do some nice stuff though.... how old is your ds? Dare I say it but sometimes primark do some nice bright stuff for little ones, bright colourful trousers and tops, especially under eighteen months.

spicemonster Sat 27-Sep-08 22:56:44

I am, like LL, a huge POP fan (I think we have discussed it before). But I don't think they have many shops, more's the pity.

I agree with you though - in the main, boys clothes are either naff or dull. Even Boden is all skull and crossbones this season!

lemonlady Sat 27-Sep-08 22:59:28

I just love Ralph Lauren polo's and long sleeved t-shirts.
ordered ffew from USA 1/3 of the price.
And they was so well and look lovely on.

MadamAnt Sat 27-Sep-08 23:02:13

Monsoon - geeky chicy tank tops

H&M - nordicesque stuff

georgimama Sat 27-Sep-08 23:02:40

Crew do lovely boys' clothes for 2+ but they are quite pricey (well, I think they are).

littlelapin Sat 27-Sep-08 23:13:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bikerunski Sun 28-Sep-08 10:36:25

John Lewis have fab boys baby stuff. ds is only three weeks old so I don't know about stuff for older boys. Our John Lewis stuff was a present, but I bet it's pricey.

Howies do cool kids clothes (link below or shop in Carnaby St, but £££), I'm also liking Rainbow Babies and Cafe Press for baby stuff.
cafe press
rainbow babies

UniS Sun 28-Sep-08 20:47:34

Boys favourite T shirts are screen printed ones. Plain T shirt from a T shirt printer and then the same print as the adult shirts for what ever team or event his dad or I are having a T shirt for. I have also bought him some plain colour Ts from the printers as well.
Agree with you about not liking the negative slogons on shop bought Ts.

SlinkieM Sun 28-Sep-08 23:26:24

Petit Bateau is fantastic (pricey but well worth the investment - washes like a dream) and how about Gap? I think some of their stuff is quite nice and doesn't have that "monster" stuff. Yuk. Or Zara?

silver28 Mon 29-Sep-08 21:11:39

I was really impressed with H&M's baby boy clothes. I bought a lovely stripy sweatshirt with a car motif on the front which looks just like the ones Boden sell, but it was less than half the price of the Boden ones. The quality seems good too as it's really soft cotton.

Pinkchampagne Mon 29-Sep-08 21:17:05

I love aztec clothes for boys. They are that little bit different so stand out, and they have good sales.

Pinkchampagne Mon 29-Sep-08 21:18:56

nappyaddict Thu 02-Oct-08 15:12:21

are any of these too boring for you?


brown check

blue check


pin stripe (have to zoom in to see pattern properly)

Mumwhensdinnerready Thu 02-Oct-08 16:11:55

I think they get worse once boys are past aged 4 or 5.
Still , if I had girls I'd be much poorer as I'd be tempted to buy much more than they need.

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