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rusmum Tue 23-Sep-08 21:00:13

I have 2 dd's. DD 1 is 4 DD2 is 8 weeks. DD 1 often seeems fed up and i constantly guilt myself that i dont do enough with her so am interested in the amount of things others do. What do you do with your child on average in the week? after school? in evening, at weekend??

Just want to compare,,.

Tryharder Tue 23-Sep-08 21:23:29

I share your guilt Rusmum - I seem to spend all my time breastfeeding/looking after D2 (15 weeks) that DS1 (4 in a few weeks) gets left out.

DS1 goes to nursery 5 mornings a week. When he comes home,we have lunch, then he plays in the garden for a while or watches a DVD/plays on his playstation/goes onto Cbeebies website for about an hour. Then we usually go for a walk, call in at the shops, then to the park for a while. Then we come back home, then have quiet play for a while such as a boardgame, read a book, he does some drawing. He will also spend a lot of time listening to music on a CD player and will usually have another play in the garden weather permitting. Then it's tea/bath/bed.

Obviously, that's a typical day but one day a week he has a swimming lesson and then on other days, he might go and play with a friend. Weekends, he spends a lot of time at his grandparents house and we also go to visit relatives and friends. Occasionally, I take him to a softplay centre. I am very guilty at the moment of steering him towards activities that don't require me to actually be sitting next to him which is a shame as before DS2 was born, we used to do loads together and go out a lot more.

Hopefully, we will resume more activities as DS2 gets more independent.

rusmum Wed 24-Sep-08 10:38:00

what sort of stuff did you do before??

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