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Death in the family

(2 Posts)
Nutjob Wed 19-Feb-03 08:18:45

My sister's MIL died recently and very unexpectedly at the age of 57. It really affected her ds (3), who was VERY close to his Grandma, he became extremely tearful and clingy, and kept telling everyone that he loved them, as if he thought he might not see them again. Now just 2 weeks after her funeral his great-gran (MIL's mohther), who he also sees regularly has died (last night). My sister just doesn't know how to handle it, as he is only just getting over losing his grandma. She's worried he'll be terrified everyone is going to leave him. Anyone got any wise words I could pass on? Thanks

Lindy Wed 19-Feb-03 09:52:35

How very sad for your nephew - no real advice execpt to tell the truth, presumably great-gran was quite old so it was not so unexpected as his grandma's death? My MIL died fairly recently & although my DS was too young to understand, the other neices & nephews coped well & actually 'got over it' really quickly, children tend to be quite matter of fact about these things. It's an opportunity to learn that sad things do happen in life, but he will have helped to make his grandma & great-grandma very happy when they were alive.

The only positive thing I can say is that I think it is 'better' to experience these situations younger rather than older, I have met people even in their 20s/30s who have never had to cope with the death of a loved one.

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