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5 year old daughter still wets the bed- what can I do positively to stop this?

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mummy2olivia Sat 20-Sep-08 18:55:38

DD is 5 and a half- she is bright, with it and has a bad attitude (!) but she has a major problem with wetting the bed and I have come to the end of ideas now!

She wets herself occasionaly when we are out and about. Usually when she is busy doing something and doesnt want to stop to go to the loo! We can deal with this- a disappointed look and a change of clothes usually sorts this. although if you ask her if she cares whether she is out for the day and has wet herself she shrugs and says no hmm

But the wetting the bed is getting beyond a joke- its so frustrating having to strip her bed every day. I've got to the point where I feel I have tried everything and I feel angry with her (try to hide this!!) because she doesnt seem to care!

I have tried rewards, a chart, lifting (we still lift now and she still wets) and even pocket money (taking 10p off when she wets). I dont know what else to do. any ideas greatly appreciated.

It may be worth adding that as a family we had a very stressful time this year and DD was dry at night up until this year went crap. This does kind of make it a little harder to know what to do.


BoysAreLikeDogs Sat 20-Sep-08 19:04:05

Firstly, you need to rule out urine infections, and to be absolutely sure that dd is not constipated.

Have you had a look at this website, eric?

She is not wetting at night deliberately, so please don't punish. A star chart is porbably not going to work either.

It's not normally considered to be a medical problem until age 7, feel free to consult your HV or GP for more tips though.

Things you can do:

Drink more water, to stretch the bladder and thus enable a larger volume to be held.

Cut down on fizzy drinks, and squash - these can irritate the bladder.

Stop lifting - you are teaching her to wee in her sleep.

Shower in the morning for social reasons.

Double-dress the bed - rubber sheet with bedsheet on top, then rubber sheet and bedsheet on top, whip off the top one and hey presto a fresh bed at 2am with no faffing.

Sorry for the essay and good luck.

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